Who’s Next in Hollywood: Erman Baradi

Erman Baradi is a blossoming filmmaker, screenwriter, and host from Virginia Beach, Virginia, most noted for founding Hollywood networking platform, Ermantourage. In 2016, at just 26, Erman was featured in "The Huffington Post" as "a top networker in Hollywood." Erman Baradi has an extensive background in hosting and producing film, television, and music panel events… Continue reading Who’s Next in Hollywood: Erman Baradi

Actor on the Rise: Isaac Keys

Professional football player-turned-actor Isaac Keys doesn't believe in letting anything stand between him and achieving his goals. Saint Louis, MO native, realizes that he's innately equipped with the tools necessary to bypass all barriers. These characteristics are talent, optimism, perseverance, a killer work ethic, and a healthy heap of faith. For instance, take his entry… Continue reading Actor on the Rise: Isaac Keys

The Art of Inclusion with Producer Sevier Crespo

Recently, Gemma Magazine had the opportunity to speak with film, television, and commercial producer Sevier Crespo and we were thrilled. Puerto Rican-born producer Sevier Crespo (seviercrespo.com) has worked with such Hollywood heavyweights as Michael Mann and Jerry Bruckheimer. He studied production at UCLA and learned the ropes under the guidance of Robert Townsend and director Sam Bayer at… Continue reading The Art of Inclusion with Producer Sevier Crespo

VENIA’s S/S 21 “DELICATE NOISE” Explores Dystopian Survivalism, Freedom of Movement, and Progressive Detailing

In the void of 2020 lies the wake of a global pandemic, unprecedented changes, and political tension. Amidst the turmoil in Downtown Los Angeles, eco-tech fashion label VENIA Collection developed and released their New S/S 21 Collection. The result inspired the creation of “Delicate Noise”, a film incited by the stories of four individuals experiencing… Continue reading VENIA’s S/S 21 “DELICATE NOISE” Explores Dystopian Survivalism, Freedom of Movement, and Progressive Detailing

The Pursuit of Passion: Tyrone Evans Clark

Tyrone Evans Clark is an amazing entertainer, model, dancer, actor, singer, comedian, web designer, game programmer, and a businessman. He is famously known for his work on "Homeless Sam & Sally" (2019), "Reverie" (2018) and "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" (2009). Clark owns and manages Tyrone Evans Clark, LLC and hosts a podcast, 'Call Tyrone,'… Continue reading The Pursuit of Passion: Tyrone Evans Clark

An Artistic Expression of Fashion and Style

Fashion posts can be fabulous and magical; yet if you look closer, there is usually a story behind them. Sometimes certain profiles have a special and intimate effect and must be shared. Such is the case with James Daugherty and his stunning designs. Do you happen to know who James Daugherty is? Well, I am… Continue reading An Artistic Expression of Fashion and Style