SACHIKA Shuts Down​ LAFW with “Black Sheep” Collection

To-Tam and To-Nya Sachika (twin sisters) ( and fashion’s Yin and Yang, are a powerful fashion force who are beautiful, powerful, and elegant. Their authentic love for fashion (in both a creative and business manner) shines through in every endeavor that the fashionistas take on. The Sachika sisters started their business in 2009 and are just as inspired today. Through the years, I have covered the Sachika twins for various events, and three characteristics come to mind — passionate about fashion (in all capacities), an incredible work ethic, and their dominant mindset when it comes to achieving their goals. This is a beautiful combination, just like the two of them fusing their unique talents into one original company.

SACHIKA is a contemporary ready-to-wear fashion house established since 2009 by Identical Twin Fashion Designers To-Tam & To-Nya Sachika.  The brand has earned a secure place amongst the stars and influencers as it proudly celebrates and embraces all body types. SACHIKA is known to fabricate beautiful dresses that complement the female body. It has been featured included but not limited in publications such as Italian VOGUE, Forbes, ELLE Magazine, The Fader, Arise Magazine, Teen Vogue, Daily News, NY Times, Businessweek, Fashion Week Daily, and

Sachika's Black Sheep Fasshion Show

How do To-Tam and To-Nya see the modern woman about fashion?
The Modern Woman is fierce, she’s independent, and she knows what she wants,” says To-Tam. “Designing is like creating the perfect balance between the imaginary mind and the reality of life,” says To-Nya. Their newest collection entitled “BLACK SHEEP” is a collection dedicated specifically to the working woman. She dares to be different and isn’t afraid to go after her dreams. FOR “BLACK SHEEP,” 
they used a combination of different fabrics such as vegan faux fur, satin, polished pontil, ruffled knit and stretched models. The collection as all black, focusing on various textures and silhouettes.

SACHIKA’s staple boutique is located in the trendy Mile-End of Montreal, and their atelier is located in Los Angeles,  where all the designs are created and confectioned. SACHIKA is currently available in Canada, USA & France. Black Sheep is not their first full collection. They have showcased numerous complete collections in the past during NYFW, LAFW as well as MWFW ( Midwest Fashion Week), Toronto Fashion Week, and Viet Fashion Week.

Recently, the Sachika twins debuted the ‘Black Sheep Collection” in Downtown LA at the US Bank Tower, at the Skyscape. It was an exciting show with a meaningful message. The “Black Sheep” collection represents the modern woman who wants to ” Stand Out ” as opposed to blending in within the workplace or when she goes out. The Black Sheep woman doesn’t follow the crowd, she leads the pack and carves her path. The message was important to both To-Tam and To-Nya, as they have carved their own path throughout many years of hard work.

After the show, Gemma Magazine sat down with the Sachika twins to discuss the exciting night and the details that went into it.

How would you describe the “Black Sheep Collection?”

The Black Sheep collection is a staple collection for today’s executive, high-corporate, working woman. We believe every piece in this collection is not only wearable and functional but very much needed for the modern woman who wants to ” Stand Out ” as opposed to blending in within the workplace or when she goes out. The Black Sheep woman doesn’t follow the crowd, she leads the pack, and in this case, she leads with poise, sensitivity, class, and purpose all while wearing outfits that command class and sophistication.


What went into the creative process of casting, designing, and production?
It’s an immense amount of work.

As designers and businesswomen, we always try to work and get inspired by real-life situations. We delved into our past and childhood and remembered how we were still the misfit, the outcast, the rule breaker, the ones who dared to try something different. “The Black Sheep” concept came to us quickly as we realized it was also a path that many successful women had to go through in their journey. For this collection, our focus was a classic, apparel silhouette, important details, and functional and distinguished styles throughout the process. We also believe black is without a doubt, the most worn, as well as the most flattering color for women to wear.

Additionally, We wanted to remove the negative connotation behind the words “black sheep” and instead celebrate every woman’s boldness and uniqueness. Throughout the process of creation and production, we were immersed and inspired by the mission of this collection which was to encourage women to be assertive and to be different.

A quote to Love:

“The Modern Woman is fierce, she’s independent, and she knows what she wants.” says To-Tam. “Designing is like creating the perfect balance between the imaginary mind and the reality of life,” says To-Nya.


Is part of your mission/goal to inspire and empower women through fashion?

Thank you, Elisabeth, and absolutely! SACHIKA is so much more than a Designer Label. It is a movement for the Modern Ambitious Woman. At its core, SACHIKA’s real mission is to empower women.

How do you balance it all? Boutique owners, designing, and fashion shows (in addition to traveling a lot to build your brand)?

We are both obsessed with what we do. Seeing women’s faces light up when they wear our clothes because they feel amazing, sexy and powerful, is what truly keeps us going. We love the feeling of being able to put a smile on these women, and we want to continue to do so forever. How do we balance it all with so many things on our plate? By just enjoying the journey every day, always keeping each other in check, properly managing our time and by continually motivating each other.


What do you both do to relax and take a break from the fashion industry?

We both love traveling and discovering new things. Traveling inspires us to create. We also enjoy fitness and singing. You may catch us on stage at some random Karaoke bars in Ktown during the weekend lol. We are also major foodies, and we love to cook. Maybe one day, we will release a cookbook and have our cooking show 🙂

Do you feel you are the perfect combination for forming a business? You are family, as well as having business and creative talents.

We believe two things are essential: 1) having a clear vision of what you want to accomplish 2) having the right team. We are truly blessed to have each other as there is already a strong common ground and an unbreakable level of trust. We feel like God created us and made us identical Twins for this exact purpose. 🙂

What can we expect next from SACHIKA?

We intend on expanding our brand to overseas such as Europe and Asia. We also are working on developing and creating more designs for our men’s line TUXXMAN. You can also expect to see us continue to provide not only excellent designer wear but also a support system for all the modern ambitious women. Thank you for this interview!



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Gemma Magazine would like to thank the Sachika Twins for taking the time to interview with us. We are excited to see what is upcoming, as they are always developing new concepts for their brand.

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La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2018 ~ Is Fashion Dead or Not


Once again, the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2018 is prepping for its annual festivities. This event is the first international fashion film festival founded in North America. The dates this year are July 19-21st. Gemma Magazine will be attending and we are thrilled to participate. The #LJFFF is considered the Cannes of the fashion film world and the world’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers. It’s basically creativity from all elements: fashion, film, filmmakers, actors, and beautiful cinematography with stories to tell.

Hundreds of fashion filmmakers from around the world will be in attendance as they are mesmerized by the top 1% of fashion films produced worldwide at the upcoming 9th year of LJFFF. The La Jolla community will gather together once again to network, make deals, attend seminars & panels, screen films, go to press receptions, participate in After Parties, and win awards.


The films that make it into the final program will represent some of the most brilliant and creative directors in filmmaking today. If you have happen to viewed various clips throughout the year, the talent is stellar. Curated from the fantastic and exploding world of fashion film, are a glimpse of what’s trending in the minds of the world’s top fashion houses, designers, and stylists interpreted through the lens of their filmmaking counterparts. Creativity and on trend styles that will forshadow what’s to come on a high fashion level.


Max Vogue is an integral aspect of the festival, and Gemma Magazine has had a crush for awhile now. Antonio Contreras Aviance created the concept, stories, and art. Antonio plays Max Vogue and so perfectly. Fred Sweet produces the series. Antonio is also a multiple international Fashion Film Award winner (5x). This year, the festival will pay homage to Gianni versace by featuring the Versace Collection in a wonderful episodic series and musical. also, for the 2018 Fashion Film Festival, Max Vogue The Musical highlights the question of whether fashion is dead or not!


Max Vogue, a time traveling, gender bending, angst filled Fashion Historian and Detective has come to the conclusion that fashion has stopped changing since the 90’s. Max only envisions revivals and “comebacks.”How is this possible?? During the chaotic madness of a Versace fashion show, Max takes a fatal fallandhis guardian angel, “La Catrina”takes Max to what seems to be the “Fashion Purgatory Salon” where he gets his chance to meet iconic personalities of Arts and Fashion. The costumes are pure fantasy and based off of history. Costume designer Zandra Rhodes created the gorgeous creation for the character of Diana Vreeland.

The musical is inspired by the 2012 Kurt Andersen article “You want a Devolution” in Vanity Fair, the 1944 play “Huis Clos” by Jean Paul Sartreand the 1992 film Twin Peaks by David Lynch.

Much more to come on this fabulous fashion festival, Max Vogue, and the winners.
In the meantime, you can follow Max Vogue and The La Jolla International Film Festival at the following platforms:

Antonio Contreas



The Artistic Role

The role of the artist is to evoke emotion and possibly tell a story through their work. Just like a writer likes to create a black and white picture through their words, an artist likes to create compelling work that has deep meaning. Therefore, inspiration is put into place. Not everyone will understand it or accept it; but if you are in the present moment of true artistry, nothing else matters.


Brandan Odums Visual Art

Fashion designers, contemporary artists, filmmakers, and actors all complement each other because they express their truth when they present their work in an authentic and raw spirit. I’m referring to artists who work hours on end and let the work speak for themselves and follow a daily routine. Greatness just does not pop for artists instantaneously. They are talented but they also never stop working. They usually do not crave attention on facebook due to their discipline but there is definitely an “unsettling” of sorts within. I refer to that ‘uneasiness’ as the burning desire to create something magical while fighting with the desire to stay inside their shell. Whether it is self doubt, fear of judgement, or an introversion — I view this as an asset in many instances. This dichotomy has produced some gorgeous creations.


Cheryl Koo Fashion and Choreography

Whether it is a fine/contemporary/pop artist that makes you stop and just feel, a designer working on a collection that tells a story through each garment or an actor that invites you to disappear into their character, they all give us the opportunity to leave our chaotic world for a minute and enter a magical one. Personally, I feel most artists tell a poignant story and it can be beneficial to listen. Just like authentic friendships, listening and acceptance makes for better relationships and understanding.


Brandon Sean Pearson (Actor)


Lillian Shallom Jewelry

We all judge ourselves in general. It’s simply human nature. Although there are those rare few who don’t (and I envy them). Yet I do feel that artists and designers can be especially hard on themselves when they push so hard to achieve greatness versus “being in the zone” of one’s craft. There is so much rejection that your mental game needs to be strong and willing to face adversity. Ultimately I see the majority of artistic expression as their release, a hint of who they are, a way to bring joy to others, but most importantly; they are learning to embrace and love themselves.  This is how one grows (as a person and an artist) plus the addition of hard work on a daily basis. After interviewing many fashion and jewelry designers, contemporary artists, filmmakers and actors, they seem to share a common thread: they cannot live without their art. It is their work and it sustains them — regardless of type. That is the artistic role, even with the expected frustration. I also find the diversity of artists to be beautiful and something that should be acknowledged and celebrated. What a lovely way to come together.


Deborah Thomsen Walker Art



Bonnie Strauss Clothing

I know someone who inspires me all the time with his photography. It’s not a big deal to him because it’s his work. To me, his craft has captured 18 years of partnership, three children, and some amazing moments and memories. Not all have been memorable, but somehow looking back I am incredibly grateful that he photographed them. Do his photos make me feel? Absolutely! Each one and the risks he was willing to take.

Finally, evolved artists trust the process, the rejection, and the growth. Yes, that is much easier said than done but staying focused is an art within itself. More than anything else, trust the diversity within art. It’s an education and one you will not receive in school but a great life lesson. It’s a human connection, an overall love and just maybe, a hopeful path to unity.


John Collazos Photography



John Augustavo – Film and Video Director