Timelapse Company: Timeless Jewelry from Past to Present

Timelapse Jewelry Co. is a relatively new brand but they are making such a stylish statement within the jewelry niche. Nothing excites Gemma more than sharing timely news about a fashionable accessories company on the rise. Timelapse offers bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and body chains, all representing a look into the future while staying firmly grounded in the present. Mike Westerband and Andie Leon head the company and are a great combination.

Timelapse is based in Los Angeles and while the design of watch movements has an extensive history that dates back to the 16th century, the story of Timelapse Co. began in 2015. Timelapse features collections focused on blending the lines between art, craft, and fashion while inspiring an appreciation for the present. Timelapse Co. brings the same historical artistic qualities and geometric details that original watchmakers had into pieces with a modern focus.

Timelapse offers three beautiful collections and when the creatives behind the concept had a moment, they were kind enough to talk about their company, their creations, and hints into the future. Mike Westerband is the CEO while Andie Leon serves as the Marketing Manager. They are both inspirational and creative entrepreneurs.

How was Timelapse conceived?
Michael: Believe it or not, but Timelapse Co. initially started as a dream during a trip halfway around the world. I was visiting Andie shortly after she had just moved back to Sydney after living here in the United States for a number of years. At the time I felt I just really needed a short vacation from my job in wealth management and decided to make the trip out there to see her and give myself a bit of a change of scenery.

One day we decided to go to the Blue Mountains to see the Three Sisters rock formation, but our trip was cut short due to rain so instead, we spent the day visiting local shops and restaurants. We stumbled into a small gem store where we met a gentleman who forever had a lasting impression on me. We got to chatting and he exuded such a charisma it was clear that this man was living a life charged with passion. When I asked him how long he’d been working here, that’s when he told us that he was the owner of the shop and in fact, he never worked a day in his life since he was doing something that he loved. At the time I sort of chuckled because of how cliché it sounded, but we knew that he was actually sincere when he said that. I’ve heard the phrase many times before, but for some reason, it really stuck with me and I think that conversation planted the mental seed that would eventually lead to Timelapse.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I was back home in the US wondering if people were truly spending their time living lives of passion. With a sense of uncompromising inspiration I was granted a vision and after a few months when Andie decided to move back to the US also we decided to set out to give people a collection that speaks to living with passion in the most important moment of our lives: the present moment. It’s tough since people mostly live in the future or the past – ruminating on past experiences or future hopes and dreams – but experiencing the present moment is what life is all about since life is unfolding in the present. Since then our collections have continually grown along with what they represent.

Tell us about the faces behind Timelapse?
Andie: My face hopefully is a good one full of jewelry that makes statements. Lol. Seriously speaking I was a Novela Actress for Telemundo. I suffered from an intense disorder and left the entertainment world to entertain myself with new endeavors — ones that I could control. Creating jewelry was one of them. Empowering myself with stones, crystals that I could use and jewelry to help me overcome insecurity, empower my voice and be happy (Jade is an excellent crystal for Joy). Now I wear my “Magician rope” with tiger’s eye, for Boss Bitches or Witches Lol. Really, it helps my creativity and enhances my confidence so I can grab life.

We also have recently brought in a new Marketing Manager, Stephanie. We are very excited about her coming in to work with our company. She brings a breath of fresh air and a wealth of experience.

Michael: Andie is more of the creative one when it comes to our duo, and I would say I’m the more analytical and strategic.

How do you plan to place Timelapse on the map?
One city at a time with style and grace. Creating unique concepts with the idea that it’s not just jewelry to adorn your body but a statement of who you are — a masterpiece in this world. There are so many jewelry lines out there, the market is saturated but we would like to create the idea of a lifestyle based on the fact that you can change your looks instantly just by changing how you where your specific piece. For example, the magician rope has 7 different looks while, and at the same time, the crystals can be used to enhance certain emotions or feelings.

Your publicist mentioned that Timelapse will do an official brand launch soon, what type of impact do you expect?
Michael: We certainly hope to wow you with our collections! That and not only would we like our guests to walk away with a sense of who we are as a brand and what we’re about, but it’s also a time for us to connect the brand with what they would like to see more of as well. We’re still very much in the early stages and we also have a number of collections and collaborations that we’d like our audience to preview since our audience is who we’re ultimately building for and they’re who drives us.

What message would you like to convey to your audience?
Andie: We started this company based on the idea that we were no longer dictated by your watch ticking or time passing or even the structure that civilization has created for humans; to wake up, go to work, come home (a bit like a robot) we want to break those barriers and be ART in Time. Timeless, your past and present- “Timelapse”, to create you in the current state.

What is the inspiration behind past and future collections of Timelapse?
Andie: We have teamed up with some exceptionally talented women who have something to say. For Example, Brenda Sarai Zuniga’s collection is called Transformation. It is based on the fact that Labradorite gave her the courage to transform her life. She was last year’s semi-finalist at Miss California and will be competing this year as Miss Burbank. The concept behind her collection is that you can never let your current circumstances affect your dreams.

We are also creating a collection with Melissa Pellone — this will be a more dainty collection, an expression of femininity in a world where women have to put their pants(or dresses) on and work hard to be equal and to thrive. Although the majority of our collections are really unisex, we’ll also be expanding our collections with more masculine features soon, so stay tuned for that!

All three collections are gorgeous. Can you briefly describe each? (the Silver Line), the Bold Edition, and the Gold Edition).
We currently have three main collections but are continuously coming out with more. The Silver Line is the bread and butter of our product line in that it incorporates the design elements that first started the brand, namely by utilizing complete vintage and antique watch movements as a central feature of the pieces (and is also made of .925 Sterling Silver). Aside from incorporating the watch movements into the focal point of the designs, the Silver Line features options that let our customers tailor their piece to their likings, such as selecting the color and chain lengths of the pieces. We also launched our Crystal Collection earlier this year, which incorporates semi-precious stones and beads into the designs with energetic purposes and intentions. The Gold Edition is a limited-edition run of our original collection featuring gold plating. However, due to the popularity, we’re merging it with the rest of the Silver Line collection. We’re also working on releasing several collaboration collections with other designers and fashion influencers shortly, so stay tuned!

What can we expect for your next collection?

That word … Expect! I hope that we blow your mind. LOL. All I can do is give our audience my heart and create magic, craftsmanship, inspiration with every piece we create.

What do Timelapse Custom Creations entail?
Timelapse Custom Creations refer to our white-glove bespoke services, where we step out of the confines of the design parameters of our core collections and let our customers imaginations run wild! With Custom Creations, customers are paired directly with one of our professional designers who work with the customer from A to Z to create a piece that satisfies the desires of the customer. Material upgrades from 18k gold to platinum, custom engravings with initials or whole sayings, as well as set diamonds and more are all possible with Custom Creations. The process is simple and straight-forward, with projects varying based entirely on the needs of the client. It starts with a brief introductory call, where the customer pairs up with a specific designer, who gathers the information needed for the project and explains the process in more detail. From there, a quote is drafted for the plan outlining the requirements and turnaround time. This process may include preliminary graphics and research depending on the project. Once the client accepts the quotes, we immediately begin working on the project and then ship it to the client once completed. It’s that simple!

Why is history so important in your designs and creations
Since one of the focal features of our original collections is the incorporation of vintage and antique watch movements into our designs, there’s an embedded history within the pieces with a story to tell. In art, like in life, the current stage of a piece is affected by where it comes from since history is what brings us to the present. At Timelapse, we feel it’s important to remember that particular history since it only lets us appreciate the gift that much more. It’s interesting to think about… What was the world like at earlier times? Can you imagine how much different the tools were? What transportation was like? What modern conveniences do we routinely take for granted? These are just some of the questions that can come up in conversations about history, and I think that more and more we are realizing that as we further understand history, we might also understand the future.

Your jewelry is gorgeous. It’s also taking off. Do you see bringing in apparel at some point?
Thank you so much! 🙂 I will say that we don’t have any immediate plans to release apparel this year, that doesn’t mean we never will. For us, Timelapse as a brand goes beyond jewelry but is a lifestyle – a state of being appreciated for our time and what we have. Whether or not that message remains in the medium of jewelry or expands beyond only time will tell, so stay tuned to find out!

Who do you admire the most and why?
Andie: Oprah – she has the courage to face all adversity, grow, change and thrive. Just like in the latest book she talks about the mustard seed; The Kingdom of Heaven (also a state of being) growing from small beginnings. I started from nothing as well and have worked my whole life to create my own heaven. Oprah has always inspired me to heal, change and grow.

Michael: My mother. I’ve watched as she’s been through a lot but she has always been the strongest person emotionally. Aside from being there for me in life whenever I’ve needed something, as an emergency room physician she’s been there for countless people in their times of greatest need, sometimes bearing an emotional burden that I can’t imagine.

Describe Timelapse in one word and why?

Andie: Alchemy, because by wearing Timelapse Co. you are transforming yourself from ordinary to extraordinary.

Michael: Timeless… because it is.

Mike Westerband, Andie Leon
Mike Westerband and Andie Leon

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timelapseco_la/

Keeping Up with Influencer Krystal von Seyfried

Krystal von Seyfried is quite the force of nature. She’s an Influencer, Model, and Actress who is motivated to make an impact — an influence in a different way. She’s passionate, hard-working, and driven to achieve her dreams; and most of all; she cares. Krystal inspires others by how much she values people and our society. Seyfried recognizes various problematic cultural issues and is determined to make a difference in her way. Krystal also understands that beauty comes in all forms: from within, through service, and simply helping others. She also enjoys fashion and beauty and sees it as an art.

Krystal von Seyfried is a Los Angeles native born to a Filipino mother and a German father. She majored in business and definitely has an entrepreneurial mindset. She got her start in pageants, which led to modeling, while she kept pushing her lifestyle content on social media. Currently, her Instagram is booming! When she had a moment, Krystal spoke wth Gemma about her aspirations, life as an Influencer and various causes that are imperative to her. We love her views on women’s empowerment.

In three words, describe Krystal von Seyfried and why?

Captivating, loving, and imperfect. All self-explanatory and all true.

Did you know that you always love fashion, style, and modeling? You mentioned that you are a fan of Melrose. What are some of your favorite brands?

I didn’t always like this stuff. I used to hate it. I was a cute kid, but still grew up feeling very different from everyone else. Then my awkward phase hit me like a ton of bricks, and I was chubby and covered in pimples. I remember accompanying my older sister to one of her photoshoots around this time, and from a distance, I heard someone say – “Who is that? Is she a model?” and then I listened to the other person laugh and said, “Seriously? She could never be a model,” and I remember feeling so ugly (inside and out) and hating everyone in that entire industry. I cried that night into my pillow, praying for God to please make me pretty so people would stop being mean to me. So no, I didn’t always like this industry. It was quite the opposite. In terms of fashion, some of my favorite brands include Versace, Chanel, Moschino, and Balmain. Yet, my real favorite is just exploring the shops on Melrose and finding random cool vintage pieces to work with.

Do you find being an Influencer overwhelming at times? How do you balance it all?

Compared to the taxing physical labor jobs so many people on this planet do day by day, it isn’t a lot of work. However, for me, I balance the influencer thing with a lot of grounding and shadow work. Being recognized and having people come up to you for the first time feels so crazy. Furthermore, seeing your likes pile up is legitimate dopamine high that I never want to get addicted to. Therefore, I balance it all in a very healthy manner. In my shadow work, I force myself to face my deepest impulses, fears and desires head-on. Then I figure out where they came from, whether it is societal programming, childhood trauma, or just from my own darker half. I hold myself accountable for my emotional and spiritual development, and I battle my demons every day. Sometimes I lose. Most of the time I win, and because of that, I’m able to be balanced and whole.

What do you do during downtime — when you log off and need to rejuvenate?

Reading and meditating! I love staying at home and learning about anything I can get my hands on, especially ancient history. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the Sumerians and the Mayas. I’ve gotten back into reading my Bible too. After a tiring day, I go to my prayer room, light some incense, do some silent meditation. I also turn on a Steve Nobel transmission (my favorite guided meditation channel on Youtube), and then I read until I fall asleep. That’s my idea of an enjoyable, rejuvenating night that I can always look forward to.

You are very ambitious. Can you please expand on your acting aspirations?

Acting is just one of the many facets of the film industry that have piqued my interest. I’ve just started to dip my toes into the entertainment sphere again, but I’ve been in talks with directors and filmmakers. We have been brainstorming tons of amazing concepts for upcoming projects. Unfortunately, I can’t divulge too much information about these things at this point in the creative process. But I will say that amazing things have been in the works, and I can’t wait to reveal everything to everyone that the right time.

What advice would you give to a teenager wanting to follow in your footsteps regarding the discipline and mindset?
Love yourself. First and foremost. Always the most important thing. When I was a teenager, I struggled so hard with self-love. At times, it’s something I still struggle with today. However, as a teenager, I made a fool of myself for unworthy, creepy older men that I stupidly attached my self worth to. I tried to fill my void with the attention of older men. Unfortunately, that’s a widespread phenomenon with young girls nowadays, especially among teenagers. If you genuinely love yourself honestly and thoroughly, so many other life problems naturally fall away. It always starts with self-love. So that’s what I’d tell a teenager to focus on – to be disciplined in programming her mindset towards self-love. And to then watch the magic that naturally follows.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself enjoying life in my little slice of heaven on earth, surrounded by people I love and a family whom I can call my own.

What will you change in the fashion industry and why?

I want to change the way people interact with one another not only in this industry but within entertainment in general. I hope to shift it in a way forward, where things are fair across the board for everyone rather than centered around a select few. This is a problem in every industry, but fashion and entertainment are notorious for it, and I want to fix that for good — Somehow

As a rising star in Hollywood, what sets you apart from everyone?

My heart. We’ve all seen celebrities let the lights and cameras get to their head, rather than scoffing at these celebrities though I pity them. As a grown adult, it’s essential to value sound qualities, values that should come naturally to us — how to live, and love. The entertainment industry entices many people out of a need to fill a void within themselves. When you pursue a passion with recognition as the primary goal, you’re never going to get anywhere.
Most importantly, you’re never going to fill that void with something from outside your vessel. It must come from within, and this is where most people get it so twisted. My goal is to change the hearts and minds of people in the entertainment industry, inside and out, and I’m going to do that with my heart.

What are your long term goals?

I want to save the planet! Nature and family are crucial –Saving the bees, saving women, and saving the family unit. I hope to have a charity one day focused on helping rehabilitate drug-addicted women throughout weak, rural areas of the United States. We continuously pour our effort and resources elsewhere, while Americans in our backyard are overdosing and dying en masse. A woman is the seat of all creation and life, so I believe that healing one woman heals all her descendants to come. I think this is the key to eradicating trauma, pain, and many other issues that plague America as well as the world’s general population.

How would you describe overall beauty?

Beauty is in everything – you can find it in yourself, in nature, or a small moment of reprieve from your hustling daily life. Grace is also most easily found in the form of a beautiful woman. Unfortunately, beauty in this form has been demonized over the years, thanks to the human ego and vanity. As a woman that people have deemed physically “beautiful,” I believe that with this, I have an essential God-given duty to do ONLY the right things with this gift. It’s so easy to do the wrong things with it. I take it very seriously as so many before me have fumbled the ball and ruined it for the rest of us. Beauty is found first within the vessel and then emanates outside of it. I intend to keep my inner landscape beautiful amidst the craziness of Hollywood so people can always see my heart shining through, bright and clear.

Where can we find you these days?

Probably on Melrose, shopping around and enjoying life! My favorite street to walk around in this city. Second place is probably the fashion district because my PR agency is around there and I love shopping around for little knick-knacks after fittings.

If you have a superpower, what would it be and why?

I couldn’t choose just one! I’d want something that would help me help the most people; I don’t care for anything self-serving. I’d probably wish for healing superpowers so that I could help humanity not suffer anymore. I’d still want to add in some cool green star bolts or laser eyes though, to indulge my inner child and also for the aesthetics.

Which force of nature would you be and why?

I would be air because almost all of my planets are in Libra. I’m a super airhead to the max! People think I’m dumb, flaky, and forgetful because of it. Which I am sometimes. In retrospect, it’s because my mind is continually flying everywhere, way up in the clouds thinking about science, history, mysticism, and the points where those three come together — always overthinking. Hopefully, this interview made you guys think a little bit too. Thank you for your time!

Gemma Magazine would like to thank Krystal Von Seyfried for joining us and for the refreshing interview!! You can follow Krystal on her Instagram site: @krystalvon

Bjorn van den Berg’s Surreal Style World Featuring “High Voltage”

Designer Bjorn van den Berg always takes you on a beautiful path in the fashion world — part fantasy and part contemporary. Bjorn is the ultimate “glam” designer, and it shows in everything he designs or collaborates. Bjorn is a Couture Designer of high-end apparel and accessories.“High Voltage” is Bjorn’s sixth collection and like usual, we are thrilled to report upon it.

Imagine a couture collection envisioning a new world both surreal and futuristic world combined with high-quality materials and unexpected colors. Welcome to the work of Designer Bjorn van den Berg and the introduction of his 6th collection: “High Voltage.”

With “High Voltage,” new techniques and details are fused with high-end luxurious materials. The collection symbolizes true craftsmanship. The color palette consists of a bright Silver in combination with Rose Gold. The futuristic collection comes to life by merging details from a distant future with Bjorn’s luxe aesthetic.

Striking Lightning

The color palette consists of clear crystals with silver colors translated into futuristic parts, and metals combined with a soft ‘Peach Rose’ tone. The contrast of the hard metals and this soft and feminine color brings balance to the pieces and provides a surprising and innovative look and feel with a modern edge.

How does Bjorn van den Berg feel about the name “High Voltage”?
“The name High Voltage indicates the charged nature of the collection. It resembles striking lightning, being under tension. The theme beautifully flows into the color palette and use of materials, with items that speak for themselves and appeal to the imagination as a result,” explains Bjorn.

Bjorn is from Amsterdam but frequently travels to Los Angeles and is always inspired by the fashion in L.A. as well. The combination of European flair and trending west coast chic style is a consistent signature Van den Berg look. Many musical artists and celebrities have worn his designs. Requests have already started to come in for several international projects that will begin in the upcoming months.

The Collection

The Couture Collection consists if eleven unique items in total. Think of the signature corset and a controversial headpiece trimmed with dozens of crystals running down to the small details. With these statement pieces, the designer puts a bright and magical mark under his collection. Bjorn also takes you on an adventure to a new, surreal world. The trench coat, executed in a beautiful pastel ‘Peach Rose’ color, is unique to see from his work. “The metallic material is almost as clear as a mirror and completes the overall look and feel of this collection,” says Bjorn.

Lastly, for this collection, Bjorn chose not to shoot a campaign image. He wanted the creations to speak for themselves and decided to create an exclusive collaboration with the international magazine, BASIC Magazine. Together with the Editor-in-Chief, Viktorija Pushatha, and the BASIC Magazine team, the “High Voltage” Collection was shot in a surreal setting, resulting in an exquisite upcoming editorial series that is currently out now.

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The Artistry of Fashion Designer and Entreprenuer​ Monica Leigh

Monica Leigh’s creations are a lovely combination of pure artistry and technical craftsmanship. Leigh’s true inspiration originates from the desire to do things differently. She’s known to be inspired by natural beauty, a sublime light, and lustrous metals. Her collection tells a story, as it invokes the senses with creativity.

Monica Leigh wanted to change the philosophy of her clothing brand compared to the corporate world standards. Her vision is refreshing and modern. Monica focused on the craft of apparel and treating people with respect. She’s a strong and inspiring leader, guiding her team positively and upholding excellence, consistency, fairness, brand aesthetic, and brand equality. She loves bringing out the natural beauty in women and encouraging them to express their individuality. Monica’s overall vision is to create and promote the daily convergence of beauty, sophistication, detail, and edge.

Her approach is smart and we were thrilled that Monica took the time to chat with Gemma.

Sparkling Sunshine Bouncing off Beads in Mesh

Your work is so beautiful. Was your family supportive of you being a fashion designer?

Thank you, always wonderful to hear this! Yes, my family was and remain very supportive. I have five sisters, and Mom and Dad, a built-in party! They were probably concerned at the beginning of my career, knowing what a competitive field it is. Now they are super proud and happy for me, has remained steadfast in the game and pushing through to success.

I read that you continue to be inspired by natural beauty, a sublime light, and luxurious metals. How does this influence each collection?

I always look at and think about curves, spirals, and the twisting of these shapes naturally. Creatively, I see in my imagination how these shapes fall upon the body spiraling up and down. I love the sheen of metals, precious and profound. The combination of metallic shine with spiraling curves makes me immensely happy. The sublime light ties in beautiful aesthetic and appeal harkening upon natural elements.

How would you describe your collection?

Gold Leaf Twilight

I describe my collection as one of genuine luxury in design, color, fabrication, and fit. All of the artistic integrity, holding beauty. It is a very eclectic collection, sensual and resonant.

I know that you love quality fabrics and luxurious materials. Do you aspire to emphasize the natural beauty and femininity of a woman through this?

Absolutely! It is a very natural inclination. Additionally, I enjoy tailored luxury suiting for women; as the collection grows, wonderfully tailored and sensual fabrics are being included to show the depths of vibrancy and strength in women.

Silver Moonlight

Any hints on your next collection?

Cocktail dresses and Tailored high aesthetic jackets and beautifully fit pants that are sensual and chic! A new collection of gowns is in work as I write with interesting new detail and drum roll — color!

Who inspires you in fashion (muse or designer, or both)?

I love Haider Ackerman! Even though he does harder pieces, I love them! The spirit and the rock n roll! That makes me happy! Art, art, art…paintings especially inspire me always from every era!

What do you think of LA Fashion?
I enjoy that LA Fashion is diverse and open. LA Fashion does trend more casual; however, LA people are free and alive to expression, especially in apparel, embracing those that wear their unique style.

What materials/fabrics excite you?

Predominately silk used in so many luxurious ways! The combination of silk and cotton is something else I delve into. I love high-end, techno fabrics! I am amazed to see such creativity from textile designers that use elevated techniques to achieve a beautiful effect. For example, I have pleather (all synthetic) laser cut skirt that incorporates a mesh behind the cut-outs; simple phenomenal!

We are excited to see what Monica Leigh has to come with her future collections. Gemma will be watching and reporting. To follow Monica on social media:



Monica Leigh

Staying Golden with Serena Laurel: Actress and Musician for Gemma Magazine

Serena Laurel is an award-winning actress, singer-songwriter, influencer, and model. She is best known for her lead role as “Lucy” in the feature film “Summertime Dropouts” (release date July 2019) directed by Jhene Chase with Quinton Aaron from the “Blindside,” international punk sensation Simple Plan produced by Winter State Entertainment. Serena was also awarded best actress by Film Fest LA Live in the category for her starring role in “Bird Song,” a Game of Thrones fantasy film. She has received four Best Actress awards for her role as “Georgia Dean” in the thriller “Nasty Habits” directed by Allisyn Arm (AP Bio) currently on the film festival circuit. Serena is a series regular as Jessica in the NC-16 TV Series. Serena co-stars in the Brat TV series “Total Eclipse” and is the star/creator of her own Youtube series “Record Rant.”

Serena Laurel_photo courtesy of EasiHairPro by Tyler Stewart

As if that were not enough, Serena is a musician. As a singer-songwriter; Serena provides a fresh and stylish blend of retro-acoustic pop. Her single “Gold” was released while working in the studio on her full EP. Serena headlines with her own set of original songs in California and has performed at venues like the Whisky Go Go, House of Blues, Roxy, The Hotel Cafe and appears at the State Social House residency monthly on Sunset Blvd. Serena is also working on a college degree in Music Composition.

Some of her brand influencer partnerships include Fender, Kollectin, Bare Minerals, Peace Tea, Speechless Dress, STS Blues, Easihair Pro, Kut from Kloth, Luxury Scent Box, and many more. She models for print, magazines, and walks at Fashion Week. She is a host for Red Carpet Report TV at the Radio Disney Music Awards.

Serena is genuinely kind and you want to see her succeed. Serena entered the spotlight at age six signing a contract with Ford modeling agency while her acting career started in local theaters in Jacksonville, Florida. She then moved to TV with a PSA for the nonprofit organization Hubbard House and a recurring role in BJ’s Teddy Bear Bible Story TV series. Later, she quickly became a recognizable face promoting girls fashions for Bealls department stores in print, billboards and TV commercials. Her hard work has paid off, and when she had a moment, Serena sat down with Gemma to talk about living her passion.

Did you always know that you wanted to be in acting? When did you start?
Yes, I always knew Around seven years old while studying rhythmic gymnastics my mom noticed I enjoyed performing more than competing. I would do a perfect routine with a gymnasium full of people watching and didn’t concern myself with perfection while in class without an audience. So no more gymnastics for me. I was signed to Ford models when I was very young and did a lot of commercial work in Orlando for Bealls Department stores while in elementary school.

You have an incredible amount of acting projects going on. How do you balance it all (in addition to being a singer as well)?
As a full-time college student, an actress, and a musician, balance is not necessarily the goal at this point. I’m thankful for the opportunities that are coming my way and am embracing them all with the help of a supportive family and a stress-relieving cat.

Photo: Rhonda Collins

You recently released your single, “Gold” How exciting was that? Do you write your music as well and are you currently working on the album?
I write all of my songs and have been recording them for many years. “Gold” was the first of many original songs that makes its way into the public’s ears. So yes, my first officially released song and very exciting. I’m obsessed with the cover artwork my mom created for the song. There will be many more songs shortly for my community. Stay tuned, yes an album is in the works.

How would you describe your music?
Sunday afternoon in a convertible with the top down cruising the PCH while watching the sunset.


What are some of the venues people can see you perform around LA?
I perform original songs solo and with backing bands at venues like the Whisky Go Go, House of Blues, Roxy, The Hotel Cafe, and the State Social House.

Would you say you are working on music or acting more?
Both equally. The movie “Summertime Dropouts” allowed me to incorporate both acting and music alike. In “Summertime Dropouts,” my character Lucy is the lead guitarist in a girl’s pop-punk band. The producer wanted to hire actors that are also real musicians so we could record the soundtrack and play like a real band to promote the film. It was the dream job to be able to both acting and music on set. One day on set during a meal break, the six leads started singing and writing songs together.
I’m looking forward to promoting this film soon.

How did you like playing Lucy in “Summertime Dropouts?” Would you say she is similar to you?
Lucy and I have a different style and taste in music. Playing her in the movie allowed me to dive into the history of the angsty side of music with both my listening and playing. After meeting Simple Plan and listening to their music, both Lucy and I can be considered fans.

How would you describe Lucy?
Lucy is the most chill go-with-the-flow person you will ever meet. She is equal parts weird and quirky while still maintaining a sense of inherent cool. We also share a love of music and ice cream.

Photo: Rhonda Collins (on set as Lucy)

How did you like playing Georgia Dean in “Nasty Habits”?
I connected with Georgia Dean because of a shared interest in songwriting and a desire to pursue a music career in Los Angeles. She was fun and sweet, with just enough edge to remain mysterious and exciting. She was so goal driven but didn’t want to wait or bother her mother with the financial issues, so she headed out on her own.

What does each form of creativity bring to you personally?
Music is therapy for me. Sometimes it shows me things that I didn’t know about myself until I finish the song. Acting is more cathartic and fun because I get to put a piece of myself in every character. I feel an obligation to portray the characters accurately, even if they are not based on real people.

I know you are a very popular influencer for some fantastic brands. Can you expand?

I like to genuinely believe in a brand’s products and mission statement. I think of it as sharing style and beauty secrets with my best friends. I would never want to let them down! I like wearing Speechless Dresses and representing their brand because the dresses are affordable, stylish and easy to wear. Their company is always giving back to the community. I just recently helped with a prom dress give-a-way for an underserved demographic at Girls Inc. of OC. I have also worked with Fender, Ipsy, EasiHair Pro, STS Blue, Peace Tea, Bare Minerals, Dermablend Pro just to name a few. I also have a tiny boutique on the Kollectin app. Shop or Flaunt at https://shop.kollectin.me/serenalaurel using code: Serena Laurel. It is important for me to bring the community items that I actually like to use and wear.

Tell us about your YouTube series, “Record Rant?”
Record Rant is a light-hearted and honest chat about music, and it’s an album review show. It is currently on a hiatus, BUT I am working on a second season. Because I self direct, produce, and edit Record Rant, it is hard to find the time to edit. I will keep adding episodes because I like researching and talking about music.

Photo: Rhonda Collins

Are you collaborating with any nonprofit organizations as well?

Yes. I am an artist ambassador for BreakingTheChainsFoundation.org, promoting healing using creative arts for patients recovering from eating disorders. I’m also an artist ambassador for Free2Luv.org, promoting kindness through diversity to help prevent bullying at every level in all demographics.

I would like to thank Serena Laurel for speaking with Gemma. She’s got a lot to look forward to. You can follow Serena on the enclosed social media platforms.




The Allure of Diverse Designs: “Too Cute for Boring Jewelry”

Tenelle Bailey has an experienced eye when it comes to choosing jewelry collections that she takes on to represent. It’s important to make room for what the consumer will be attracted to and not just leave it up to your taste. Gemma was excited to collaborate with Tenelle on this project and discover the diverse collections that she has taken under her wing.
Tenelle is always in search of cool and unique jewelry. Therefore, Bailey sources on Instagram a lot for different independent brands, and these particular brands stood out to her. They are all handmade by awesome women from around the world, and each one has a story behind their jewelry design journeys which spoke to her as well.

Tenelle represents eight lines. For this particular feature, Gemma will highlight four. All of the designers offer something different in aesthetic, but all are beautiful and eclectic in their unique way. You can find all the collections on the following links: www.tcbjewelryshop.com/collections/jewelry-designer-collective


“Too Cute for Boring Jewelry (TCB Jewelry), was born through my passion for finding eye-catching jewelry & accessories. I wanted to create an online space where I would be to be able to collaborate with and promote cool new jewelry brands. One side of TCB Jewelry is retail based collections. The other side houses collections made by talented independent jewelry designers around the world. All of this allows me to bring my customers the best uniquely handmade jewelry and accessories to shop.” (Tenelle Bailey)

The following four designers we chose to feature.

~zena.dyete, by Ivana (based in Croatia)
Ivana is a Molecular Biologist from Zagreb, Croatia, where she still resides. She is a creator of “Art Jewelry,” and her designs are inspired by music in all elements. Ivana loves to create fluid designs, soft edges, smooth transitions, and lines within her pieces.

dyete by Ivana


~Magic Knot, by Aida (based in Bosnia)
Aida is a self-taught macramé jewelry designer born and based in Travnik, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. She is inspired by nature in every way and even uses natural thread to make her jewelry. Aida incorporates different aspects of nature into her work. Leaves, flowers, animals, and bugs are widespread in many of her jewelry pieces.

Magic Knot

Elnatan Jewelry

Elnatan Jewelry Design, by Lia (based in Israel)

Lia resides and creates in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. She is a mixture of classy, elegant and tomboy with an easygoing, open-minded, creative personality. Her jewelry has a very modern look, which is very contemporary. Lia finds inspiration from musical legends such as Michael Jackson and Madonna and describes her design aesthetic to be a “Digital hipster’s contemporary approach to classy jewelry.”

Elnatan Jewelry

Rock Paper Chic, by Kamilah based in Brooklyn, NY

Kamilah is a Brooklyn, NY native who is obsessed with bright colors and patterns within her style and for her jewelry designs. Her creative inspiration comes to her mostly from being outdoors, as that is often where she will notice certain color combinations or patterns in nature or a piece of architecture, or what someone is wearing.

Rock, Paper, Chic

It was a pleasure and empowering to collaborate with Tenelle Bailey on this project and hope to work together again. It’s so wonderful that she supports women globally and presents their creations. Check out her Tenelle’s link for all collections: www.tcbjewelryshop.com/collections/jewelry-designer-collective

Exclusive Interview With The Code of Style Blog Creator: Claire Godard

Claire Godard is the creator of the stylish blog: The Code of Style (www.thecodeofstyleblog.com). It’s a standout within the blogging world. What is her inspiration? “I decided to start this blog mostly because I am in a state of defining my style and in need of a few key pieces for my wardrobe. I also enjoy helping my mum with fashion and style advice, usually at the beginning of a new season or after she has bought a beautiful piece, but she isn’t sure how to incorporate it in her current wardrobe,” says Godard. The Code of Style focuses on finding a personal style and learning that women can achieve beautiful style regardless of age, budget or body type. It also covers current trends, offers tips on organizing your wardrobe, and shows the readers how to incorporate particular pieces. Godard is on a mission to inspire — both with her blog and as a woman, who inspires other women to go after their dreams.

The Code of Style is a contemporary and prosperous lifestyle and style blog. Did you know your vision from the beginning or it formed over time?
It has formed over time. I started my blog as a hobby, never would I have imagined it would grow to where it is today and the impact it has on the community. I am a proud advocate of women empowerment, and it is our mission to inspire women to go after their dreams.

Claire is all of 24-years-old and currently lives in London surrounded by some of the most inspiring and stylish people. The Code of Style consists of ‘Style Series,’ ‘Streetstyle,’ and ‘How to Style.’ It’s quite refreshing that she takes her job as a role model seriously. She wants to motivate other women and encourage them to be the best version of themselves. As it turns out we have the Urth Caffe and Gucci Street Style in common in regards to L.A. loves. Godard is extremely busy so we really appreciate her taking the time to speak with Gemma.

What is a typical day for you?
*Takes a deep breath. Are you ready? I start my days at 5 am with a killer gym session (spin class, pilates, yoga &, etc.), taking Lauren to school and levels, running errands, meetings, editing/creating content, responding to emails, grocery shopping day to day repeat – regular mommy duties. Regardless of how busy my day is; my number one priority every day is to give Lauren a gift and surprise. The gifts aren’t lavish at all, they are small items like a crispy rice treat, chocolate dipped pretzel, a Peppa pig figurine, &, etc. and I wrap it up in a gift box. The reason for this is because I see every day that we are alive, is a gift. The gift of life to enjoy another day with my daughter is a blessing, plus the smile she gets warms my heart every day. That is the cherry on top after a stressful day of work. Gym, errands, meetings, shoots, and repeat. 😉

You have accomplished so much in the blogging world. What inspires you daily? Also, how do you want to inspire others?
What inspires me daily is excellence. I inspire to be the best version of myself – practice makes perfect! I want to spread a positive message by supporting and actively involving myself with the community by sharing my experience. I feel it is my responsibility to be the role model, it is my job to inspire, motivate, and support women to chase their dreams and pursue to be the best version of themselves.

Are there individual designers that you adore due to timeless cuts, textures and aesthetic?
Growing up, I have always been and am still very obsessed with Oscar De La Renta, Valentino, & Gucci. Oscar De La Renta and Valentino dresses are so well made – from the stitch, fabric, and details are to die for. When you wear an Oscar De La Renta or Valentino dress it transforms you into Cinderella, it is unspoken magic! I also love Gucci for its streetwear collection. The collection gives me all the serene, fresh feeIs. I’m eyeing on their metallic bomber! 😉

Something that you highly recommend all fashion-forward women have in their closet.

The essentials that I recommend are as follows: For day to day basis is a nice, efficient track suit. What I mean with efficient is; its gotta have pockets. Lots of it. Pockets makes busy days smoother. A bomber jacket – it’s sporty for the daily and most of all effortless! Solid color tee shirts (V-neck and crew neck only) and mom jeans with no rip. I wear mom jeans almost every day, and probably while asleep also since I am still on work mode while sleeping… I chose no rip because it’s appropriate for more situations the day may bring. Two pairs of hoop earrings (gold and silver) moderate size that will go with everything. A cap to block the sun from my face, I am proactive on skincare and health. A handbag; any color or size of your choice because color is the new black, right? Lastly, ugly sneakers. If you read my other interviews, you know I am a shoe addict and very much obsessing over the current “Ugly sneaker trend”.

Do you prefer a handbag or clutch?
Both. For my lifestyle, I use handbag a lot more because I am always on the go and need space to carry lots of stuff in my bag. In my handbag, you can always find a lipstick, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, keys, money, cards, phones, hair accessories, lotion, perfume, a Swiss army knife, and Lauren’s toys – I think that’s all the essentials. Preferably clutch for special events. 🙂

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get out of their comfort zone with individual style?
I would say, “Let’s give it a try and explore change, it’s fun! You got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!” I am a firm believer in evolution. The path to finding the best version of yourself is changing. Let’s go!


What are three great beauty tips for healthy-looking skin?
This is one of my favorite questions since I am a health freak. Number one: you must have your beauty rest – be well rested. Two, stay hydrated; drink lots, and lots of water. Three: You are what you eat; having a healthy diet is crucial to youthful looking skin. Four: a great moisturizer because that is food for your skin. I change moisturizer according to season. I know the question was three beauty tips, but I have four. 😀

Do you find it challenging to balance career and motherhood?

Yes. All. The. Way. It is extremely challenging. There is already so much to do with running your own business and being a single, present Mother. Some days are more overwhelming than others – but when I am super stressed with work and feel depleted, I would either take a long nap, detox from work responsibilities, and social media for a couple of days. You must listen to your body and take care of it because, without your health, there is no wealth. Regardless of the challenges, I believe the best investment is in yourself and your future. May you go after your passion today!

Your organizational skills are excellent. Does this come naturally to you?
Before motherhood, I was a carefree, single individual with minimal responsibilities. When I became a single mother, I was determined to get my career back at rocket speed. I set out a plan, strategized, and executed. To manage my time efficiently, I put extreme amounts of effort into organizing & planning. Planning is key. So, to answer your question, no it did not come naturally to me – I had to learn to unlearn and become a new version of myself – Motherhood. What has always been natural was my adaptability to life’s challenge. I embrace all obstacles because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

When in Los Angeles, do you have favorite boutiques you love to visit?
I am on “mom’s brain” right now — the last boutique I visited recently was the Disney store. It’s magical, and we pretty much live there. Each time we visit, Lauren gets extra happy, and it’s quite contagious! For myself, I frequent Urth Caffé on Beverly Drive pretty often to enjoy a cup of coffee. For shopping, I like walking around Melrose Avenue to shop for the latest trends.

What do you love to do in your downtime with your daughter?
I love taking her to all the places that she enjoys. She loves going to the outdoor and indoor playground, water parks, Disneyland, Target’s toy section, & the children’s museum. On the weekends, we love going to the local farm to pick our fruits and veggies. She is growing up fast, and I try to spend as much time with her as possible. Anytime with her is pure bliss

Favorite place to travel and re-charge and be Claire?
Hmm, favorite place to travel. I have yet to have a favorite. My ideal situation to re-charge would be sitting on a beach, under a palm tree, coconut in one hand, book in the other, and breathing in the ocean breeze. Life has been quite hectic lately that it’s hard to remember when the last time I enjoyed that scene. Perhaps the big island Hawaii will need to add that re-charge time in the priority list.

I know The Lupus Foundation is close to your heart. Do you work with additional nonprofits
Yes, I stay connected in local organizations regarding Women, Mothers, and children. I believe Mothers make the world go round and children are our future! We must empower, educate, support, and motivate. No effort is ever too small, let’s come together hand in hand and vow for a change!

Your mindset is very positive and robust. What are your top three strengths that influence your drive/work ethic?
To Inspire, to Empower and to Motivate!
I want to share this quote with the world. This quote was sent to me from a dear friend during the toughest time of my life and I hold this to my heart.
My friend sent me an hourglass with a note:
“One part of the hourglass is always full, the other empty. This cycle of emptiness and fullness follow each other – just like in life, where joy and sadness for example often follow each other in cycles. “

On behalf of Gemma Magazine, we would like to thank Claire Godard for speaking with us.