The Allure of Diverse Designs: “Too Cute for Boring Jewelry”

Tenelle Bailey has an experienced eye when it comes to choosing jewelry collections that she takes on to represent. It’s important to make room for what the consumer will be attracted to and not just leave it up to your taste. Gemma was excited to collaborate with Tenelle on this project and discover the diverse collections that she has taken under her wing.
Tenelle is always in search of cool and unique jewelry. Therefore, Bailey sources on Instagram a lot for different independent brands, and these particular brands stood out to her. They are all handmade by awesome women from around the world, and each one has a story behind their jewelry design journeys which spoke to her as well.

Tenelle represents eight lines. For this particular feature, Gemma will highlight four. All of the designers offer something different in aesthetic, but all are beautiful and eclectic in their unique way. You can find all the collections on the following links:

“Too Cute for Boring Jewelry (TCB Jewelry), was born through my passion for finding eye-catching jewelry & accessories. I wanted to create an online space where I would be to be able to collaborate with and promote cool new jewelry brands. One side of TCB Jewelry is retail based collections. The other side houses collections made by talented independent jewelry designers around the world. All of this allows me to bring my customers the best uniquely handmade jewelry and accessories to shop.” (Tenelle Bailey)

The following four designers we chose to feature.

~zena.dyete, by Ivana (based in Croatia)
Ivana is a Molecular Biologist from Zagreb, Croatia, where she still resides. She is a creator of “Art Jewelry,” and her designs are inspired by music in all elements. Ivana loves to create fluid designs, soft edges, smooth transitions, and lines within her pieces.

dyete by Ivana


~Magic Knot, by Aida (based in Bosnia)
Aida is a self-taught macramé jewelry designer born and based in Travnik, Bosnia, and Herzegovina. She is inspired by nature in every way and even uses natural thread to make her jewelry. Aida incorporates different aspects of nature into her work. Leaves, flowers, animals, and bugs are widespread in many of her jewelry pieces.

Magic Knot

Elnatan Jewelry

Elnatan Jewelry Design, by Lia (based in Israel)

Lia resides and creates in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. She is a mixture of classy, elegant and tomboy with an easygoing, open-minded, creative personality. Her jewelry has a very modern look, which is very contemporary. Lia finds inspiration from musical legends such as Michael Jackson and Madonna and describes her design aesthetic to be a “Digital hipster’s contemporary approach to classy jewelry.”

Elnatan Jewelry

Rock Paper Chic, by Kamilah based in Brooklyn, NY

Kamilah is a Brooklyn, NY native who is obsessed with bright colors and patterns within her style and for her jewelry designs. Her creative inspiration comes to her mostly from being outdoors, as that is often where she will notice certain color combinations or patterns in nature or a piece of architecture, or what someone is wearing.

Rock, Paper, Chic

It was a pleasure and empowering to collaborate with Tenelle Bailey on this project and hope to work together again. It’s so wonderful that she supports women globally and presents their creations. Check out her Tenelle’s link for all collections:

The Artistic Beauty of Truth

A Personal Commentary

Featured Photo: Purely Zenn Art

Gemma Magazine is an online magazine about artists, their talent, and the comprehensive story of their struggles and accomplishments. Overall, it is about their journey (within themselves and towards reaching their professional goals). On behalf of Gemma Magazine, writing upon artists and attending events of all types is about the facts. Yes, the form is creative and artistic, however; the actual structure of representing someone and their talent needs to be stated in the factual form, while still producing a sense of inspiration and creativity. Trust me, as a writer, there is nothing worse than having the artist let you know that they were not portrayed correctly. Well, here it is — Gemma does not always get it right, even when we think we do. On a personal note, (and as the Editor), I take that to heart. It even takes me a few days to understand what went wrong. Why? It’s simple. We are completely inspired by every artist that we feature.

Artist Daniel Winn

We could post Instagram photos on the daily with one sentence. However, that is not the vision of the magazine. I’m attracted to artists and feel an obligation to them because that is the goal of Gemma Magazine. However, it’s also the vision within my heart. Portraying the artists correctly can be compared to raising kids. If you have more than one, they are all different and as a parent, you should let them thrive based off of each child’s innate personality. You might want to mold them based off of your standards — but that usually doesn’t work. There is also so much to discover and be in awe of by watching them grow into their individuality.

Why is representing someone correctly so important? The answer lies somewhere within me, but I rather not look. It’s more appealing to keep my eyes on them. Maybe I feel I’ve been categorized incorrectly and need to get the artists right. The vision has meaning, value, and importance. Mostly, it resembles integrity and emotion (all in one).

Asceno London

In the end, we will continue to produce, represent, and write the right way — with heart, objectivity, and a lot of inspiration. Nothing will be swept under the rug. Actually, looking at the painting, performer, and designer dress, is a fantasy that tells a truth. Just listen carefully.

Filmmaker/Photographer Kelly Needleman

The Walter Collection (LAFW)
Bonnie Strauss Clothing


The Beauty of Divine Art Producing Global Work

Celebrate the exceptional “Existential Surrealist,” Artist, and International Curator, Sir Daniel K. Winn,” as he features his exclusive artwork at Art Pier 94, NY, NY May 2nd – May 5th, 2019, presented by Art Pier Miami (Booth 312). Winn is a leader and mastermind in the art world with combining elements, ideas, and textures into one fantastic story. Daniel Winn is the founder of Winn Slavin Art, Head of Masterpiece Publishing, and a Philanthropist.

Optics Study I

Artist and International Curator, Daniel Winn, developed the artistic style known as “Existential Surrealism.” Winn’s artistic style is self-curated due to his innovative and innate talent. Winn has a unique eye for details that may go unnoticed by others. His specific style is two-fold. Philosophically, the technique involves contrasts and examines the dichotomy of existence. Visually, Existential Surrealism uses a surrealistic style and subject matter to invite the viewer to explore the nature of reality. “Translucent figuration in my paintings is a reminder that the distinction between our physical and spiritual selves, is merely a matter of perception,” says Daniel K Winn.

Winn’s work is primarily figurative as it is inherently focused on the human experience, but also incorporates abstract and even mythological elements to communicate the divinity of creation.

Beyond Enigma

Like his artwork, Daniel Winn’s life has been one of many contrasts. Fields of abstract and surreal backgrounds depict the dichotomy which defines existence. Winn was born into a country at war with itself. His family, once among the wealthiest in Vietnam, were evacuated to the United States when Saigon fell on April 30th, 1975 with little more than the clothes they were wearing. Daniel worked immensely hard and has excelled in everything he has taken on. Daniel Winn always knew he wanted to be an artist. However, he went to medical school and excelled there as well. Daniel eventually followed his passion for art and committed himself fully by taking on won numerous accolades.


Besides his passion for his art and his business, Daniel is an avid philanthropist. In 2001, Winn put his connections to good use to establish The Academy of Fine Art Foundation, a public charity dedicated to using the art for the benefit of humanity. He’s also active in raising funds to provide badly needed medical services as well as basic necessities to underprivileged children and families in the U.S. and Vietnam.

Can art imitate life? Winn’s work prompts this question. Daniel’s concept of life is the idea of a universal creative divinity against the concept of free will and self-determination. This is accomplished by acknowledging divinity as the seed of autonomy and recognizing our responsibility for global action. Within his work, the frequent use of partially translucent figures is a metaphor for the physical/spiritual duality which is at the core of the style.


Overall, Winn draws upon his own life experiences, surreal in themselves, his ancestral culture, and the contemporary influences of the U.S., which he has called home since escaping war-torn Vietnam in 1975. To learn more about Daniel, you can follow him on the following social platforms:

Daniel Winn

Exclusive Interview With The Code of Style Blog Creator: Claire Godard

Claire Godard is the creator of the stylish blog: The Code of Style ( It’s a standout within the blogging world. What is her inspiration? “I decided to start this blog mostly because I am in a state of defining my style and in need of a few key pieces for my wardrobe. I also enjoy helping my mum with fashion and style advice, usually at the beginning of a new season or after she has bought a beautiful piece, but she isn’t sure how to incorporate it in her current wardrobe,” says Godard. The Code of Style focuses on finding a personal style and learning that women can achieve beautiful style regardless of age, budget or body type. It also covers current trends, offers tips on organizing your wardrobe, and shows the readers how to incorporate particular pieces. Godard is on a mission to inspire — both with her blog and as a woman, who inspires other women to go after their dreams.

The Code of Style is a contemporary and prosperous lifestyle and style blog. Did you know your vision from the beginning or it formed over time?
It has formed over time. I started my blog as a hobby, never would I have imagined it would grow to where it is today and the impact it has on the community. I am a proud advocate of women empowerment, and it is our mission to inspire women to go after their dreams.

Claire is all of 24-years-old and currently lives in London surrounded by some of the most inspiring and stylish people. The Code of Style consists of ‘Style Series,’ ‘Streetstyle,’ and ‘How to Style.’ It’s quite refreshing that she takes her job as a role model seriously. She wants to motivate other women and encourage them to be the best version of themselves. As it turns out we have the Urth Caffe and Gucci Street Style in common in regards to L.A. loves. Godard is extremely busy so we really appreciate her taking the time to speak with Gemma.

What is a typical day for you?
*Takes a deep breath. Are you ready? I start my days at 5 am with a killer gym session (spin class, pilates, yoga &, etc.), taking Lauren to school and levels, running errands, meetings, editing/creating content, responding to emails, grocery shopping day to day repeat – regular mommy duties. Regardless of how busy my day is; my number one priority every day is to give Lauren a gift and surprise. The gifts aren’t lavish at all, they are small items like a crispy rice treat, chocolate dipped pretzel, a Peppa pig figurine, &, etc. and I wrap it up in a gift box. The reason for this is because I see every day that we are alive, is a gift. The gift of life to enjoy another day with my daughter is a blessing, plus the smile she gets warms my heart every day. That is the cherry on top after a stressful day of work. Gym, errands, meetings, shoots, and repeat. 😉

You have accomplished so much in the blogging world. What inspires you daily? Also, how do you want to inspire others?
What inspires me daily is excellence. I inspire to be the best version of myself – practice makes perfect! I want to spread a positive message by supporting and actively involving myself with the community by sharing my experience. I feel it is my responsibility to be the role model, it is my job to inspire, motivate, and support women to chase their dreams and pursue to be the best version of themselves.

Are there individual designers that you adore due to timeless cuts, textures and aesthetic?
Growing up, I have always been and am still very obsessed with Oscar De La Renta, Valentino, & Gucci. Oscar De La Renta and Valentino dresses are so well made – from the stitch, fabric, and details are to die for. When you wear an Oscar De La Renta or Valentino dress it transforms you into Cinderella, it is unspoken magic! I also love Gucci for its streetwear collection. The collection gives me all the serene, fresh feeIs. I’m eyeing on their metallic bomber! 😉

Something that you highly recommend all fashion-forward women have in their closet.

The essentials that I recommend are as follows: For day to day basis is a nice, efficient track suit. What I mean with efficient is; its gotta have pockets. Lots of it. Pockets makes busy days smoother. A bomber jacket – it’s sporty for the daily and most of all effortless! Solid color tee shirts (V-neck and crew neck only) and mom jeans with no rip. I wear mom jeans almost every day, and probably while asleep also since I am still on work mode while sleeping… I chose no rip because it’s appropriate for more situations the day may bring. Two pairs of hoop earrings (gold and silver) moderate size that will go with everything. A cap to block the sun from my face, I am proactive on skincare and health. A handbag; any color or size of your choice because color is the new black, right? Lastly, ugly sneakers. If you read my other interviews, you know I am a shoe addict and very much obsessing over the current “Ugly sneaker trend”.

Do you prefer a handbag or clutch?
Both. For my lifestyle, I use handbag a lot more because I am always on the go and need space to carry lots of stuff in my bag. In my handbag, you can always find a lipstick, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, keys, money, cards, phones, hair accessories, lotion, perfume, a Swiss army knife, and Lauren’s toys – I think that’s all the essentials. Preferably clutch for special events. 🙂

What advice would you give to someone who wants to get out of their comfort zone with individual style?
I would say, “Let’s give it a try and explore change, it’s fun! You got nothing to lose, and everything to gain!” I am a firm believer in evolution. The path to finding the best version of yourself is changing. Let’s go!


What are three great beauty tips for healthy-looking skin?
This is one of my favorite questions since I am a health freak. Number one: you must have your beauty rest – be well rested. Two, stay hydrated; drink lots, and lots of water. Three: You are what you eat; having a healthy diet is crucial to youthful looking skin. Four: a great moisturizer because that is food for your skin. I change moisturizer according to season. I know the question was three beauty tips, but I have four. 😀

Do you find it challenging to balance career and motherhood?

Yes. All. The. Way. It is extremely challenging. There is already so much to do with running your own business and being a single, present Mother. Some days are more overwhelming than others – but when I am super stressed with work and feel depleted, I would either take a long nap, detox from work responsibilities, and social media for a couple of days. You must listen to your body and take care of it because, without your health, there is no wealth. Regardless of the challenges, I believe the best investment is in yourself and your future. May you go after your passion today!

Your organizational skills are excellent. Does this come naturally to you?
Before motherhood, I was a carefree, single individual with minimal responsibilities. When I became a single mother, I was determined to get my career back at rocket speed. I set out a plan, strategized, and executed. To manage my time efficiently, I put extreme amounts of effort into organizing & planning. Planning is key. So, to answer your question, no it did not come naturally to me – I had to learn to unlearn and become a new version of myself – Motherhood. What has always been natural was my adaptability to life’s challenge. I embrace all obstacles because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

When in Los Angeles, do you have favorite boutiques you love to visit?
I am on “mom’s brain” right now — the last boutique I visited recently was the Disney store. It’s magical, and we pretty much live there. Each time we visit, Lauren gets extra happy, and it’s quite contagious! For myself, I frequent Urth Caffé on Beverly Drive pretty often to enjoy a cup of coffee. For shopping, I like walking around Melrose Avenue to shop for the latest trends.

What do you love to do in your downtime with your daughter?
I love taking her to all the places that she enjoys. She loves going to the outdoor and indoor playground, water parks, Disneyland, Target’s toy section, & the children’s museum. On the weekends, we love going to the local farm to pick our fruits and veggies. She is growing up fast, and I try to spend as much time with her as possible. Anytime with her is pure bliss

Favorite place to travel and re-charge and be Claire?
Hmm, favorite place to travel. I have yet to have a favorite. My ideal situation to re-charge would be sitting on a beach, under a palm tree, coconut in one hand, book in the other, and breathing in the ocean breeze. Life has been quite hectic lately that it’s hard to remember when the last time I enjoyed that scene. Perhaps the big island Hawaii will need to add that re-charge time in the priority list.

I know The Lupus Foundation is close to your heart. Do you work with additional nonprofits
Yes, I stay connected in local organizations regarding Women, Mothers, and children. I believe Mothers make the world go round and children are our future! We must empower, educate, support, and motivate. No effort is ever too small, let’s come together hand in hand and vow for a change!

Your mindset is very positive and robust. What are your top three strengths that influence your drive/work ethic?
To Inspire, to Empower and to Motivate!
I want to share this quote with the world. This quote was sent to me from a dear friend during the toughest time of my life and I hold this to my heart.
My friend sent me an hourglass with a note:
“One part of the hourglass is always full, the other empty. This cycle of emptiness and fullness follow each other – just like in life, where joy and sadness for example often follow each other in cycles. “

On behalf of Gemma Magazine, we would like to thank Claire Godard for speaking with us.

The Art of Enhancement: Erica Azizi, Physician Assistant for Feldmar Aesthetics

Botox, Dermal Fillers, Dysport, and Lasers are just a handful of skincare options to stay looking youthful and healthy. They are also very attractive to women in their forties. Just talking about the options is similar to eating candy. Which one and why because the result will be fantastic. Feldmar Aesthetics offers many treatment options and adheres to quality work. Recently I was offered an opportunity to sample a generous Botox treatment, and I said YES in a heartbeat on the eve of my Birthday.

Feldmar Aesthetics ( is a luxurious, results-oriented, full-service plastic surgery practice and medical facility. The team is led by a double board-certified renowned plastic, reconstructive and general surgeon, Dr. David Feldmar. Their goal is to enhance your natural beauty using the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques. They are dedicated to helping patients achieve their beauty goals, which is very refreshing.


Erica Azizi, PA

I enjoyed the benefits of the treatment from Physician Assistant Erica Azizi. She’s phenomenal in how she works and her demeanor is immensely calm. About ten days have the injections, I did notice a difference in a very natural and subtle way. That is precisely what Erica Azizi strives for. Was I hoping for a bolder difference? In many ways, yes. However realistic factors come into play: budget, the look you want, and your age. In all honesty, aging for women can make you feel out-of-sorts — and not because of additional wrinkles. Women might not talk about it, but I do feel many think about it. Erica helps women to embrace their natural beauty at whatever age you are while learning to take preventative steps to good skincare.

Erica Azizi is a California board-certified physician assistant specializing in plastic surgery, aesthetics, and dermatology. She has been working alongside Dr. David Feldmar at Feldmar Aesthetics for three years. Erica received her Masters in Physician Assistant Practice from USC and has extensive experience in dermatological practice and dermal injections. She is passionate about helping her patients see their true beauty and utilizes the latest treatments and technologies to create the most natural and long-lasting results.

During my treatment, Gemma had the perfect moment to speak with Erica. She’s informative and realistic.

unnamedHow did you decide that you wanted to be into the medical field (specifically, cosmetic treatment)?
It was not entirely planned. I was set to go to art school but through trial and error ended up going into medicine to become a Physician Assistant. I was attracted to Dermatology and skin issues. After graduate school, I was given the opportunity to work in plastic surgery at Feldmar Aesthetics. “In retrospect, it’s always what I wanted to do — help people be comfortable in their skin and maintain their youth. Like art, your face is my canvas, and I’m using Botox, lasers, and fillers to bring out the most beautiful side of you, “said Azizi.

Realistically, it does help to start earlier, correct?
It is true that if you start in your 20’s that it can become a preventative treatment and wrinkles will not be as intense by your 40’s. Granted, you must still care for your skin with sunscreen and quality products (regardless of age). Stating Botox in your 20’s might seem young, but if you get your treatments conservatively (every three months), it makes an enormous difference. Of course, you can start in your 40’s. However, the results will probably not be the same depending on skin differences.


“In retrospect, it’s always what I wanted to do — help people be comfortable in their skin and maintain their youth. Like art, your face is my canvas, and I’m using Botox, lasers, and fillers to bring out the most beautiful side of you, “said Azizi.

Do you feel Botox improves self-esteem?

I definitely, 100% feel that your self-esteem improves. However, I cannot stress enough about sticking to a conservative plan. For me, the most crucial factor is that when you leave the office and the results settle in, you will have a “refreshed look,” where people cannot identify what it is. There is more of a glow to the patient.

Will you still receive the desired effect with women on a very tight budget? Honestly, a limited budget and being older can make it harder to achieve the desired results that you want if you are starting treatments late. In this case, starting in your 20’s can be an advantage. I’m not saying the results will not take place. Expectations need to be realistic. Ultimately, this is where I have what’s essential to the patient and me. Therefore, I usually end up asking what your primary goal or what bothers you the most is.

“In retrospect, it’s always what I wanted to do — help people be comfortable in their skin and maintain their youth. Like art, your face is my canvas, and I’m using Botox, lasers, and fillers to bring out the most beautiful side of you,” (Erica Azizi)

Do you think botox can be addictive?
I do at times. As providers, it’s our responsibility sometimes to turn a patient away. It can be hard to stop when the results are excellent. Again, my goal and the desired outcome of Feldmar Aesthricsis is to stay conservative and make the treatments preventative.

There has been a lot of negative press about fillers and botox, lately. What do you think of the criticism?
I think they might be getting a bad reputation due to women overusing them. However, going overboard is not the answer. Women need to be encouraged that its beautiful to maintain your natural look

How do lasers come work in creating younger skin?
Laser treatments have become super popular due to their ability to build collagen, resurface the skin, smooth out wrinkles and diminish sunspots.

Any additional advice for proper skin care?

Sunscreen daily, as we now know the incredibly damaging effects of the sun.
Retin A depletes old cells with new ones, which results in younger looking skin.
Vitamin C with additional antioxidants will help diminish sun spots and keep pigmentation down
Drinking water and more water: Hydrate
A good quality moisturizer will also keep the cells supple

Overall, I highly enjoyed the results of my botox treatment. Did it make me feel like Wonder Woman? Only you can do that from within — as cliche as it may sound. On behalf of Gemma Magazine, I would like to thank Erica Azizi for chatting with us for such an informative interview. You can follow Erica Azizi as well as Feldmar Aesthetics on the following social platforms: