A Touch of Glow with “It Skincare”: MSK Cosmetics

Who doesn’t value quality skincare? At MSK, the brand is fully focused on creating an extensive vegan skincare product for anyone and everyone. MSK (www.msk-skin.com) was envisioned in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of South Korea. The cosmetic line began in the latter part of 2018 and after a yearlong thought process and product testing, it launched in December 2019. From that day, the company’s focus has always been to ensure its customers are provided with the highest quality products.

Starting with their ultra glossy range to future planned products, MSK Skincare is committed to staying fully vegan. The research team is always dedicated to ensuring the products have the right balance within them to give their customers the correct amount of hydration and natural skincare to keep their skin glowing and moisturized.

Furthermore, as women age, a high quality and clean product is a requirement to good skin, something every woman wants. MSK Skin has all the characteristics to building a positive relationship with your skincare routine.

The MSK motto is simple: ‘Invest In Your Skin’.

‘We care about your skin as much as we do ours, this is why we created our ultra glossy skincare line to give you the products we would use on our self while being 100% vegan. We want our customers to feel good and fresh every time they use our products. That’s why here at MSK, we say invest in your skin’.

Please describe the inspiration to create your own skincare line for both women and men.
Living in South Korea for many years has given us a different appreciation for natural beauty and the idea of how women and men both should always invest in their skin. We are three women who met in South Korea in 2015 and from day one we spoke about starting a business that spreads beauty and confidence to the world. It took us years of research and work with different industries to provide the best form of vegan skincare that keeps your skin soft and hydrated with a beautiful glow. MSK was launched in 2019 and within months became popular. We are very proud of our work and we look forward to expanding our line in products and worldwide. 

How does MSK differ from other Cosmetic companies on the market?
First of all, MSK is a woman empowered brand, done by three strong independent women who started off their business from scratch. MSK is 100% vegan skincare, which provides a high hydration and glow for the skin. The brand uses high-quality packaging for its products. The brand’s goal is for both women and men to enjoy having beautiful skin; therefore, their product is affordable for everyone. Overall, MSK is of high quality at affordable prices. We believe that the brand is made for everyone to enjoy. 

Basically, all three of you run the business, correct? Yes, all three of us run the business from scratch and are very proud of our work. In a few months, the brand was launched in 5 different apps in the Middle East, 9 different stores, and are signing off internationally with different companies. 

Do the majority of your brands promote health, wellness, and relaxation?
MSK promotes having healthy skin. Our research has proven high moisturization is the best give for your skin. Therefore our motto is to invest in your skin. 

Can you tell us a bit about your creative process of sourcing? We like the brand to look elegant and simple. Therefore you can see our branding is very minimal in color, look, and feel. Our creative side comes from being updated in our research and understanding what customers need for their skin. Therefore we are working on more products to add to our brand. 

What are your best sellers with women’s skincare? With skincare, the products compete with each other. The serum and cream have always been the best sellers but as summer came along with the heat, the mist has been very popular where people love using it on their hot summer days. 

What is next up for MSK Skincare? We will be launching our under eye cream soon, lip balm, (which is amazing),, ampoules with a bit of surprise in them we are also working on accessories that we know people will love. Furthermore, expect a bigger launch for the brand at the end of 2020. We can’t wait to share it with the world.