The Spiritual Painter: Dianna Bellerose

Dianna Bellerose was born and raised in eastern Europe to a working-class family. She spent most of her childhood with her grandparents. In 2004, she graduated from Edmonds Community College with an Associate of Arts degree. She is fluent in three languages and enjoys gardening, photography, drawing, and exploring other cultures. Overall, she’s a creative and spiritual soul who lives her life in this manner. Dianna genuinely enjoys helping others and this is how she leads her life.

She has a passion for writing about families and the obstacles they face in their lives, which has led her to also coaching individuals in achieving their own dreams and finding their purpose. 

Dianna is a well-known author of “Fire and Ice”, which was an award winner NABE in the winter of 2012. In August of 2012, she was featured in Women’s Essence Magazine as well as Angie’s Diary Online Magazine (July 2013 issue) for her achievements with this book. She was acknowledged on March 16, 2019, for being one of the 100 most Successful Women on a Global level. Other books she has authored are “ Monster in the Mirror”, “Ashes and Ice”,  and “ The Journey of Transformation”, and she is recognized as the best selling author in the United Kingdom on Kindle. 

Dianna hosts meditation sessions on both Facebook and Instagram on a weekly basis and this is how we connected. She also has a radio show and is a Life Balance Coach. Dianna Bellerose also enjoys painting and her love for painting started when she was a little girl. “Art has always been something I have connected to,” said Bellerose. Her artwork consists of both abstract and contemporary work — filled with color and vibrancy; yet serene at the same time.

When Dianna had a moment to talk, Gemma Magazine sat down with her to speak about her art as well as her inspiration.

What inspires you to paint?
My inspirations come from my dreams and most of my paintings come from something I had already visualized while I was sleeping.

Did you start in childhood?
I have been having a love for painting since I was a little girl. After school, I had a friend with whom I was drawing for hours. Art has always been something I have connected to until today.

What are you inspired by when you create art? What are some elements that influence you?
Usually, as I mentioned above, my paintings are based on my dreams. During the process of painting, I usually come up with additional elements. I use whatever comes from my imagination without even giving it much of a thought. I am guessing this could be something internal that is coming to life in shape and color.

Can you please explain your creative process a bit?
Creativity, in my opinion, is something internal that cannot be easily described.
It is a connection you make with things, places, experiences you had in life. These experiences come and trigger your imagination, which paraphrases it in detail you use in your process of painting. For example, this could be shapes, colors, or human expression.

Do you have formal training in art?
Yes, I have taken classes in high school as well as in college.
The reason to take these classes was to further learn about things which otherwise I could not know about it.
What I mean is a technique of drawing something in a certain way which makes it easy for you to use. What I stumbled upon is that every painter has a distinct approach in creating, for example, the human face.

Is painting a cathartic experience for you? Is it meditative?
I think it is both because I use it to show my expressions of things that had happened in my life; as well as a way to forget about everything by getting lost in the process of creation. When I am working on a painting, I can spend long hours without thinking about anything else. Painting makes me relaxed and a great way to unplug from the world and feel at peace.

What materials do you work with?
Oil paint is something I fell in love with the first time I used it. I also like to experiment with acrylic, oil pastels, and charcoal.
I am not limiting myself to only one thing, and it makes the whole process of creating art much more enjoyable.

Do you paint portraits of particular life experiences that you are going through?
Everything is incorporated in my paintings, it is a way to express myself. Like every artist, I use art to ease my emotions, frustrations and encounters with people and situations.
I love to paint portraits too of people I feel drawn to as well as animals.
I am a huge animal lover and when I see an animal I feel I should paint, I do it.

What is up next for your artwork? They are headed to a gallery in London, which I’m thrilled about and excited regarding additional opportunities.

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