Getting Comfortable with “It Shoe”: Lenny Lu Shoes

Finding the perfect shoe (comfort and style) can become a mission. With Lenny Lu, you do not have to compromise. They have managed to create comfortable, flexible shoes that deliver freedom, beauty, and versatility in one. The Brazilian designer and founder duo (Patrick and Marcia Campbell) are passionate about bringing color and fun into your wardrobe and overall lifestyle.

Lenny Lu has even created a mother/daughter line. The supple, soft-as-a-feather leather is gentle on sensitive, growing skin. Best of all, Lenny Lu is more than shoes. The brand envisions a world where mothers can confidently nurture their daughters, through matching shoes, that reflect their matching souls, DNA, and personalities.

When Lenny Lu had a moment, they sat down with Gemma Magazine to talk about their brand and future plans.

What inspired you to start Lenny Lu? I was shopping for shoes for my daughter for a wedding and all could find were hard shiny shoes. They blistered her feet and lacked subtlety and beauty. Brazil had been making wonderful all soft leather shoes for years but I couldn’t find any in the US. I decided that I would make the most comfortable and beautiful shoes available with the highest quality leather I could find.

How does your brand stand out from the rest and what materials are used? We have built comfort, flexibility, and quality into every shoe in a way that integrates the comfort into the design of the shoe so that it’s still delicate and light. We use an ultra-flexible sheepskin leather that we had to learn to work with. Our process for making our shoes is different than typical leathers. This allows us to avoid the comfortable yet baggy look that seems so ubiquitous these days. Most women would never wear elastic waist pants but somehow they’re fine with elastic in their shoes. We will never do such things because our leather allows our shoes to fit quite literally like a glove.

Does Lenny Lu carry flats and heels for women? Yes, we have both heels and flats. Our heels are striking and comfortable.

Tell us a bit about your “Mommy and Me” line? Our “Mommy and Me” line is all about the enduring unconditional love and special bond that exists between Mothers and daughters. There isn’t a girl in this world that has clopped around her house in Mommy’s shoes. We just allowed these girls to fulfill their dreams of being like Mommy while allowing Mommy to quite a few shoes to a Charity in Columbia so that these young girls would have shoes to walk to school.

Patrick and Marcia Campbell

What is the ultimate mission of Lenny Lu Shoes? Our ultimate mission is to prove that you can be all things. You can be feminine, delicate, comfortable, and strong. Just as you don’t need to compromise as a woman. You can be successful, loving, beautiful, and comfortable in your skin. You just need a shoe that is as uncompromising as you are.

Any predictions on what we will see for summer? We’ll continue with the glam street look that has come to define our sneakers. It seems that everyone loves these glamorous sneakers. have an absolutely amazing pair of shoes.5. What is the ultimate mission of Lenny Lu (other than creating beautiful shoes)?

Any new projects on the horizon that you can share? At the moment we are on hold due to the COVID crisis, but we are really looking forward to a partnership with Puey Quinones. He is a wonderful designer and I think that the combination of his innate creativity and knowledge on how to craft comfort and quality shoes is an unbeatable combination.

Tell me a bit more about your partnership with Save the children is a wonderful organization that is dedicated to early education and helping young children. A portion of our profits from every shoe is donated to Save the children.

Lenny Lu also helps underprivileged communities. Can you please expand…Being from Brazil, I’m very aware of the abject poverty that exists in Latin America. I think I started a shoe company because I was traumatized as a child because I only had one pair of shoes that I wore until my toe had poked through. I was a young teenager and it was a bit embarrassing. I’ll never forget my humble beginnings. For this reason. I have donated quite a few shoes to a Charity in Columbia so that these young girls would have shoes to walk to school.

Aside from beginning mothers and daughters together, Lenny Lu also is proud to be creating employment and educational opportunities for marginalized communities, bringing underprivileged women one step closer to achieving their dreams.

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