Writer/Producer Erman Baradi: Giving BacK During Corona

The past month has been a new normal, to say the least. The coronavirus pandemic has presented its share of challenges for several industries to move forward, specifically arts & entertainment, which is why Erman Baradi got involved in an innovative way for struggling artists to earn money. Gemma Magazine reported upon Erman a few months prior regarding his upcoming projects and accomplishments. Baradi, widely known as a screenwriter and events producer based in Los Angeles, has created a way that artists can earn money through the ticket sales of his upcoming online events attended by industry movers and shakers such as talent agent April King and Randy Spendlove of Paramount Pictures. The link to all events is: http://ermantourage.ticketleap.com

How did this idea start? Well, the idea came into fruition when Erman’s business Ermantourage became directly affected by the Coronavirus. As an event producer, Erman was really torn in terms of what to do. Then he realized that he could transform his live events into online Zoom experiences. Coming up, Erman’s zoom webinars include interviews with several industry influencers from Hollywood such as manager Tal Weinstein, CW casting coordinator Samantha Miller, songwriter Jenna Andrews, agent Carol Lynn Sher, and casting director Brandon Henry Rodriguez, who has contributed to films such as “The Thinning” and the television show “Flash.” The motive is to inspire, connect, and educate attendees from the comfort of their home, as opportunities for artists will arise after the quarantine is over. Registrations will occur on Ticketleap’s ticketing platform.

“A lot of my peers in the entertainment industry have been hit hard due to the Coronavirus-related lockdowns and quarantines. This means all film productions have been shut down. Imagine if your sole gig to get you through the month is on set whether you’re a filmmaker or an actor? Furthermore, there are plenty of talented musicians who can no longer make money from live shows. I wanted to offer these creatives the opportunity to make money on the side through selling tickets to our webinars. It may just be a few dollars here and there, but I hope it keeps them motivated throughout a month that may feel hopeless.”

Erman Baradi

How can you get involved? By reaching out to Erman directly at erman.baradi@gmail.com and requesting your own personalized promo code, you are eligible to receive a promo code to use to sell tickets and 100% of sales you collect belong to you.

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In other words, once you contact erman.baradi@gmail.com with your name and occupation with a request for a promo code, you will be supplied a promo code to use while sharing his events. Any ticket sales you make, you get to keep! Not only do you get to help spread inspiration to others, but you get a chance to make cash doing it. Erman is committed to returning all ticket sales to their original seller with the goal of giving back to artists and freelancers who are struggling amidst the virus outbreak.

To learn more about Erman and his past events, visit www.ermantourage.com. To get in touch with him directly about receiving a promo code, contact erman.baradi@gmail.com.

A Touch About Erman Baradi

Erman Baradi is a writer, producer, and “a top networker in Hollywood”, according to The Huffington Post. He is the the founder of The Film Empire and Ermantourage, which are focused on producing entertainment events and mentorship initiatives. Their guests have included Nate Moore (Black Panther), Tommy Harper (executive producer, Star Wars: The Force Awakens), executive producer Daniel Levin (Lion), writer Jim Uhls (Fight Club), Michael Shawver (Black Panther, Creed, Fruitvale Station to name a few).




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