A Beautiful Brand on the Rise: Jazzy France Cosmetics

It’s always exciting when Gemma Magazine discovers a new cosmetic line with incredible products to report upon. As women, when it comes to makeup, we all want that flawless look, the effortless effect and the perfect blend. Application is a key factor. However, the brand is everything — you have to have a high-end line that offers quality products with a defining presence. Jazzy France (www.jazzyfrance.com) meets these standards and so much more.

Jazzy France Photo Finish – High Definition

Jazzy France is the first Filipino Color Cosmetic that is made in Paris. It is known for its long lasting high definition mineral makeup line. Jazzy France is a beauty line with a heart. It is vegan and cruelty-free. Known for its complete array of professional quality makeup that are internationally accredited and certified safe for everyday use, it is preferred by elegantly modern women who want value for money.

After speaking with the creator of Jazzy France, Leila Cristobal, we were able to get the scoop on this sexy and successful line.

What inspired you to create a makeup line? I have several beauty salons and spas with my then-partner James Cooper and he inspired me to tap into the cosmetic industry. I then traveled to Paris in search of an outstanding cosmetic manufacturer. So, in 2010, Jazzy France was conceived. It was first launched in Manila, Philippines. I have since captured the market in Asia. Jazzy France’s aesthetic is for every woman, every color, and every race.

All your products are natural and mineral based. What makes Jazzy France known for being so long-lasting with high definition status? The products are made in France and Jazzy France has recently launched in the USA and soon to hit Europe. While in Paris, I learned that we prefer creating mineral makeup rather than the regular or traditional makeup because mineral doesn’t include parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives, oil, or other harsh chemicals. They’re ideal for sensitive or breakout-prone skin types that often become irritated with heavier formulas. Furthermore, it will also be beneficial for a transplant patient like myself. Jazzy is known for long lasting makeup because of its quality, but we also have HD products for photo shoots. These cosmetics simultaneously camouflage imperfections, cover blemishes, and still manage to appear invisible. The pigments and formulas are designed to blend seamlessly with the skin.

What is a classic Jazzy France look? When we say “classic look,” it’s a nod to the classic Hollywood beauty makeup with an updated, current application. Sophisticated and dramatic, the classic look focuses on eye liner, brows, lips and lashes. Subtly glamorous or full on bombshell depends on the lip color. We can choose one of our signature shades or create one just for you. Your skin will glow, your eyes will pop and your lips will speak volumes without saying a word. This versatile look can have you ready for the red carpet, an important meeting, or an amazing night out.

What are your Best Sellers

Our best sellers are
Cream Foundation
Lip Shades
Eyebrow kit

How would you describe the JazzFrance customer? Jazzy France is a beauty line with a heart. It is vegan and cruelty-free.We create safe, none hazardous products that transform our clients into the best version of themselves. A portion of the profits are donated to a number of charitable foundations that Jazzy France supports.

How does Jazzy France stand out from other makeup lines? 
Tenacity, confidence and top-notch campaigns. I wear many hats as an entrepreneur and having Jazzy in my portfolio has been very rewarding for me. My other-half has been a tremendous help in making our businesses thrive. I am also blessed with an amazing daughter who happens to be an international makeup artist. Frequently in Paris, she is in-charge of our trend forecasting and is definitely in-tuned with current beauty trends. We keep our clients happy and asking for more.

Do you find that the US market tends to differ in trends from the European and Asian markets? Each country has its own beauty trends and our team is on top of global trends. It also has something to do with different skin tones therefore we create shades and colors that fit the aesthetics of each market.

Are you both involved in the testing phase as well as the entire creative process of colors, texture, etc.? We are both involved in each every detail from formulation to testing and packing, we want a quality control and personalize as we want to bring and give the best to protect our consumers as well.

Are there certain tasks that you handle and others that your daughter, Gisella does in terms of business, marketing, and creativity? We always collaborate with one another since we always make sure to have the best for each product — it only differs when it comes to design . Global movement for Jazzy France is what’s next. A Revolution.

You can find Jazzy France on Instagram : @jazzyfrance

or visit their website: www.jazzyfrance.com

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