Lilit Markosyan: Queen of Couture

Who is Lilit Markosyan? Lilit is an extremely talented fashion designer known for her feminine and whimsical custom-made evening gowns and cocktail dresses. She’s making her mark in the the fashion industry and she likes to tell a story for each collection. Lilit was raised in Armenia and she’s very familiar with the Armenian, Russian and German cultures. However, Markosyan does not necessarily get her inspiration in fashion from a certain culture. Lilit has always been inspired by many art forms in her life as well as an appreciation for beauty, which transpired to her interest in fashion.

Lilit attended FIDM where “the amount of experience and knowledge gained was priceless,” said Markosyan. At FIDM, Lilit had the unique opportunity to design a collection and present at The Debut Fashion show, where her collection got over 10,000 views in 3 days. Her current collection is all about femininity, softness, and the gentler aspects of women. It emphasizes enhancing women’s bodies.

Lilit Markosyan

When Lilit had a quick moment she spoke with Gemma about her passion for design as well as her creative process. We were thrilled to talk to her.

How did you become interested in fashion?
My interest began when I was young; it started with an appreciation for beauty. It later evolved into a desire to create beauty.

Did you go to design school, and what did you love about it?
I went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising here in Los Angeles. The amount of experience and knowledge FIDM gave me is priceless. I had the honor to have the legendary John Swiatek, Nancy Riegelman, and Carlos Vazques as my mentors and professors along with other great industry professionals for which I am very, very thankful. I was also one of the ten students to be chosen to design a collection and present at the Debut fashion show where my collection got viewed by over 10,000 people in three days. FIDM taught me discipline, which is one of the core traits in the fashion industry.

I can get inspired by the fabric, nature, architecture, a painting, a musical piece, or people I meet. Everything can inspire me to a certain degree.

Lilit Markosyan

Tell me a bit about your creative process and what inspires you when you design a collection. My creative process starts with the visual idea of what I’d like to create. I continue to build on it. As the concept develops, I start thinking of what fabric to use, and most of the time, I design my material by hand beading, embroidering, or appliqueing the structure, so I create one of a kind fabric to use in my design. I start thinking of the mood I want to set with the dress and story behind it. I can get inspired by the fabric, nature, architecture, a painting, a musical piece, or people I meet. Everything can inspire me to a certain degree.

Can you please expand on using “Italian Couture Techniques.”
An “Italian Couture Technique” is a couture way of hand beading, embroidering, and appliqueing a fabric that you’re going to use in your garment by simply creating your own, one of a kind fabric that they can’t buy from the store.

Please describe your current collection. It’s beautiful and so feminine.
Thanks. My current collection is all about femininity, softness, and the gentler aspects of women. It’s all about enhancing women’s bodies.

Lilit Markosyan

What three models or actresses would wear your designs well?
I think Jennifer Lawrence exudes a certain grace and elegance, and she would look great in my designs. Kendall Jenner also would look stunning. I love her choice of bold dresses, the way she carries herself. Angelina Jolie has always been an inspiration to me, as I’m sure she was for many other designers as well. Her confidence, beauty, and compassion for people is something to admire. A woman of her elegance deserves an equally elegant dress.

Where do you see your fashion brand in 3 years?
I work on developing my brand. In three years, I see it expanding; I see me doing red carpet dressing, making my designs more available to people to buy, and potentially partnering with other amazing brands.

Lilit Markosyan Designs

What do you think of LA fashion? There are a lot of talented designers in LA who do their best to bring a new wave of fashion here in the City of Angels. I think that LA is the center of high-end sportswear, plus the Hollywood glam influences trends throughout the nation.

Who are some of the top designers whom you are inspired by? One of my favorite designers is Valentin Yudashkin, whose fashion show I had the honor to attend when I was young. I love how artistic, detailed, and playful his designs are. I love the volume, simple silhouettes, and the overall aesthetics of Valentino. Marchesa is another brand whose designs I love very much.

What do you do to relax and decompress?
I love nature. Nowadays, we spend so much time indoors that I find being outdoors hiking, mountaineering, or simply walking is a great way to relax and clear your mind. I love enjoying excellent music in the evenings. I must be honest though, I never really relax, I always think of work, I always think of new colors to use, unique shapes, etc. I might watch a movie on Netflix and still think of the dress I’m working on.

Any hints on the next collection?
I’ll say that my new collection is going to be more body shaping, youthful, and aesthetically pleasing.

Gemma Magazine will definitely be watching Lilit Markosyan and her beautiful designs as they continue to make a mark within the fashion industry. She has such a bright future and we cannot wait to see her gowns on the red carpet. To follow Lilit on social media:

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