Never Look Back: The Meaning of Creativity

Personally, I enjoy all artistic differences — the diversity, the interpretation, and the risk factor. Whether it’s a couture designer expressing beauty, a visual artist making a difference in the world to promote compassion, a filmmaker whose work tells a painful or funny story, or a captivating actor; all forms provoke thought and emotion. Some artists are fearless, and for others, there is a restlessness that comes with it. It’s tricky, at times, the tension can drive the creativity and passion into action. However, most successful artists have a common core trait: consistency mixed with a sensitive edge.

James Bressnack (Indie Filmmaker) – Photo: John Collazos
Jonathan Augustavo (Filmmaker)

Yes, talent and passion is imperative but, intense determination and persistence go a long way. True art evokes emotion and starts a conversation. It can produce friendships. If someone genuinely loves what they are doing and setting goals, the rest will come together. It takes a lot of strength to put oneself out there creatively.

Kelly Marie Beeman (Fashion Illustrator)

I also observe many kids (my children’s age) embracing their artistic passion at such a young point. I think that is amazing if it is something they genuinely want. One of the greatest lessons we can teach our children is to never give up on their dreams. When I talk to my kids about musical artists or films that inspire them, I love getting their take on it. The younger generation does not question their decisions as much as we do. In the end, it comes down to the artists’ that genuinely produce good work that ends up making a difference. It is always much easier to criticize when we are not engaged in life and not taking risks, but if you are giving your work every ounce of you, then that is what counts. You are taking chances and most importantly, embracing the journey. As I have found personally, as a writer, there is an enormous amount of richness in the process.

Brandan Odums – Artist
Cheryl Koo – Fashion Designer
(Photo: John Collazos)


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