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Who doesn’t love a chic and hip boutique for kids and junior? Yes, Los Angeles has quite a few. However, IKKS Junior ( presents an entirely different aesthetic, like no other. The apparel line embodies a “nonconformist but authentic” vibe. IKKS built their trademark position 30 years ago: The junior fashion line resembles the stylish adult one. Its mantra is to refuse the rules of blue for boys and pink for girls and introduce more variety and fun! IKKS kids wear black, grey, and trendy colors like adults. IKKS JUNIOR offers rebel kids the luxury to wear French and quality style that comes with exceptional freedom of movement while leaving comfort for adventures! Whether it’s a specific campaign, a store event, or a casting; IKKS has a signature style.

Star Wars Campaign
Stars Wars Campaign

After a remarkable launch in China, IKKS Junior opened its first store in the United States, on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. The brand has an established network of 3600 stores in 45 countries and is a breath of fresh air. The apparel embodies a French twist, a rockstar attitude, and a signature style that is known for hip, children’s clothing with an edge.

Rodeo Drive Store

La French touch
IKKS PARIS has chosen two ambassadors and partners for its U.S. opening: Matthieu Lecuyer and Joyce Lopuszanski, whose atypical profile is an inspiration to the brand. The two entrepreneurs, a former race car driver, and a professional dancer have been living in the U.S. for years now. They are very familiar with the market and are accustomed to different challenges, including management experiences, (Wynn, Encore, Bagatelle Beach, Nikki Beach) retail, (Giuseppe Zanotti, Ari) and company launches (ranging from textile with ROCKSTAR Original to medical, finance and car collections). The couple is ready to champion this project. The two entrepreneurs have a shared vision with IKKS PARIS: spreading the French Lifestyle while adopting the “American Way of life.”

Joyce Lopuszanski

When Matthew and Joyce had a moment, they took the time to speak with Gemma Magazine, their role as ambassadors, and the inspiration behind the look.

Matthieu Lecuyer

What inspired you to become ambassadors for the brand?

It was one of those “key moments in life.” We were in contact with the brand to buy some clothes for a multi-brand store project and fell in love with the apparel. On the business side, we also realized that the U.S. market was lacking a real kid’s brand. Ikks was born in 1987 as a kid brand and not the opposite, like a lot of major name brand companies who were crested for the adult and then expanded in particular “kids or baby” categories. IKKS a super-strong identity, and kids love it!

For the girls,’ denim, the parka, and a bomber jacket seem to be the top three standouts for the collection. Do you find this to be true?

Parka’s across all collections are a key feature of IKKS’s brand identity. This is how the parkas are broken down:
1 in 1…. with lots of technical features, shower proof, patches, and badges. It is also reversible.
2 in 1’s with removable body warmers or puffer jackets making them appropriate for more than 1 season as well as taking you from fall to winter and into spring.
3 in 1’s with a removable body warmer or puffer jacket that all reverse giving you an added look & making them appropriate for more than 1 season as well as taking you from fall to winter & into the spring
Denim Jackets are all customised each season with the colours & look of each collection
Bomber jackets that are reversible so you can create two different looks for the boys & girls.

Also, for the girls, I love the idea of a “seasonal staple dress.” Any hints on this for next season?

IKKS always offers the 2 in 1 dress every season… with a sweatshirt or knitted jumper over the skirt to create a look that can be worn separately with your jeans. It’s a very chic and hip look.

For the boys, sweatshirts, jeans, and jogging pants are staples of the collection. Can you please expand?

IKKS boys jeans are designed to fit all with adjustable waistbands for added comfort.. patches & badges to create a unique rock or chic look.

IKKS Junior Boys

What other items are standouts for the boys?
Glow in the dark hats & t-shirts including t-shirts with patches to customize your look.

How important is a comfort to the entire brand?
IKKS mixes fabrics which are synonymous for comfort, warmth & softness.

It also seems like details are very pertinent to both the boys and the girls’ collections. Whether it’s sequin jeans and bold cuts or technical information.

Each season IKKS designers take a road trip around various parts of the world for inspiration… Using a mix of fabric’s embellished details always adding a touch of expression

Overall, what do you want IKKS to symbolize

IKKS Junior was established in 1987. It represents a series of boy and girl collections for all ages (baby, toddler, kid, and junior) with an assertive personality and lifestyle concept. This unique identity allows the brand to distinguish itself from a set of homogenous competitors.
A brand, set apart from the others, through its marketing campaigns, its stylistic references, its vocation of fashion for children. It’s a brand known for its Eye-catching, thought-provoking, and compelling images. We are an apparel brand with a mission to swim against the current. A bright tone and assertive personality with innovative and technical products (2 in 1 jacket, 3 in 1 winter coats, reversible items, removable hood’s, and sleeves). There is a perfect harmony where a child’s world meets fashion, all the while respecting the needs of those smaller than us: security and comfort. A brand is ever-evolving around the concept of “easy chic” and in sync with international fashion trends. IKKS is for a confident and sharp child who feeds his refined and rebellious sides. IKKS children’s fashion! We have the desire to offer collections that allow children to play & have fun is central to their design.IKKS is a style that reflects military, urban rock, and denim vibes. IKKS is also A WAY OF LIFE: an attitude and a state of mind imbued with freedom, revealed by an uninhibited style!

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