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Kash Hovey has always known that he wanted to be an actor from an early age and has put in the time, dedication, and discipline to get to where he is today. He has been performing since he was young and even envisioned his craft through his artwork as a child. Kash is making his passion a reality, and we could not be happier. He gracious and it would be amiss not to mention that he’s one of the kindest artists that we have interviewed.

Exactly who is Kash Hovey? Kash is an award-winning actor, producer, model, and influencer. Kash is best known for starring opposite Shari Belafonte in Plastic Daydream (2018), directed by Kathy Kolla. Plastic Daydream premiered at the 2018 La Femme International Film Festival. Kash will next appear as Adam in the feature film Undateable John, playing opposite Shannen Doherty. Actor, colleague, and friend, Ron Robinson, said “Kash is such a creative and gratuitous actor. It’s always great to work with him because he gives you so much. His commitment to the craft inspires me.” 

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Kash’s breakthrough performance was as the leading role of Jack in the feature film Jack and Cocaine (2014), which had it’s theatrical premiere at The Valley Film Festival 2017. Kash also had a lead role as Van in the comedy As in Kevin (2016), which premiered at LA Live Film Fest 2017 and won Kash an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy. When he had a moment to stop, Kash spoke with Gemma Magazine.

You have been acting since such a young age. Did you know? Did a family member encourage the arts for you?
On my last birthday, my mom brought a collection of all the artwork I did as a kid. There were pictures I drew of characters I saw on TV. She had pictures of me dressing up in costumes and recreating scenes from movies that I would watch. Yep, I was always performing when I was a kid, and my mother always encouraged and supported me.

You are so talented and a fantastic chameleon when it comes to your roles (a good thing). Would you consider yourself a method actor?
Thank you so much! I wouldn’t consider myself a method actor. There are roles I’ve taken on that required me to go back to individual life experiences; pain, sadness, loss to trigger the appropriate emotion for the scene. Every role is different, and I respect every artists’ process to bring the best performance.

Did you train formally in LA? Do you still take classes?
Yes, I studied theatre when I was in school and then attended Ivana Chubbuck Studio.

Kash Hovey wearing a Toby Lee Jones Blazer
Photo: Michael Bezjian

What does acting mean to you personally? In other words, how does it sustain you?
I feel the most alive when I am performing. There is no better feeling for me than being on set and collaborating with artists. So much magic happens during the process of making a film, and then being able to watch the finished product is so rewarding.

Do you get nervous when you audition, or it is more of an excitement?
A bit both. I get the audition it is exciting, then I read the dialogue and get nervous because I’m not sure yet how to interpret the role or what the casting and filmmakers are looking for. Once I have the lines down and understand the material, I feel more at ease and ready to perform. If I have enough time before the audition, I benefit from working with a coach.

For the feature film, “Jack and Cocaine,”(and your “breakthrough role”), how would you describe your character, Jack?
Jack is a character who is highly articulate but is always struggling. The film begins where Jack is a street hustler who will do anything for a fix. He was the product of a wealthy but abusive household that contributed to his demise. Early in the film, he meets Christy “Cocaine” who shares the same profession and ends up rescuing her. Jack and Christy form a bond and vow to clean up their lives and get back on the right track. The film deals with overcoming addiction and making amends with the ones we have lost and hurt. Jack will do whatever he can to protect Christy and must uncover a family secret that has haunted him his whole life.

Everyone is thrilled about “Undateable John.” What was it like starring with Shannen Doherty? Also, how would you describe your character, Adam?
I had so much fun working on “Undateable John.” Adam is the antagonist of the film and is only concerned with whatever satisfies his needs. He has been playing emotional games with Jane, played by Estella Warren, and is confronted by Charlene played by Shannen Doherty. Even in a confrontation that leads to a showdown between all the characters, Adam will say and do whatever he can to benefit himself. Shannen was so cool, and I learned so much working with her. I remember finding out that she was going to be in the film, the next day arriving to set, meeting her, and jumping right into our scene. It was an enjoyable experience, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with a remarkable cast that included Joan Jett, Daryl Hannah, Tom Arnold, Margaret Cho, Ron Robinson, and Meredith Baxter.

Are there any films at the moment that you are producing? I know you have been extremely busy. Also, what do you think about the production process?
I have so much respect for every level of the production process. It is a team effort that takes hard work and determination. I’ve been very fortunate for the experiences I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned about getting a film made. Last year I played James “Plastic Daydream,” directed by Kathy Kolla, starring Sharing Belafonte that is now airing on Shorts HD. Kathy and I collaborated again this year on a series titled “Mayhem of the Mind,” along with my good friend Ron Robinson and my mother Michelle Beaulieu. The pilot “The Chiseled Faced Man” premiered at Film Fest LA Live on November 9th, 2019. The festival itself was a celebration of the work we accomplished, along with some of my dear friends and collaborators, who are my inspiration.

Can you please tell us about your creative process when you take on a role?
Also, you seem like you like to be involved in all aspects of the film process.

Every role and project is a bit different. After I read the script a couple of times, I have a clear idea of my character’s motives and behaviors. I do my research to get a well-rounded feel of how my role will be in a particular circumstance that pertains to the story. Watching performances that inspire me also helps my creative process. When I’m on set and working with the other actors and the director, I get into my character, and the way we play off of each other to bring the scene to life is astonishing. My passion has always been to act. The great thing about how the industry is now is that there are so many resources and opportunities available to create content. I’ve found a great crew that I love working with, and we have collaborated on numerous films over the years.

Do you always try to challenge yourself with the roles that you take on?
Every new role brings an experience that allows me to explore something that I haven’t already in a unique setting. I learn something new on every set and always strive to improve myself with every new opportunity.

What do you like to do when you do have free time — to recharge again?
I live in LA, so a lot of social activities can turn into work opportunities, which is beneficial. However, as I’ve grown, I’ve developed a greater understanding of balancing work and taking time off to recharge. If I have a day or two off, I try to avoid using my phone or other devices as much as I can. I like exercising going to movies, playing golf, and spending time with friends and family.

On behalf of Gemma Magazine, we would like to thank Kash Hovey for speaking to us. We are looking forward to his upcoming projects.

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