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Every woman wants it — quality skin care with optimal results in the most natural way possible. Now you can with Julisis skin care formula created by founder and creator, Julisis Eulberg. Eulberg has been on a mission to help women restore and redefine their skin once the aging process starts. It can become harder to hide those fine lines and wrinkles, but there are healthy options. Over the past month, Gemma Magazine had the opportunity to sample many of the products and found them to be very beneficial and transforming.

What is Julisis? Julisis is a redefining skin care for the 21st century. They are a transformative, high frequency and energetic skincare system — radically breaking with industry standards. With Julisis, there is no need to scrub, peel, use acids, or any synthetic chemicals. Their goal is to keep their clients healthy and their skin in optimal functionality.

Julisis bio-botanicals are of the highest potency available from hand-harvested plants, mostly grown in an over 100 years old high elevation medicinal plant garden in northern Italy. Their unique alchemistic formulas support one’s natural biorhythm using flower essences and botanical stem cells combined with liquid gold, liquid silver, and precious stone essences. They use a unique bio fermentation processionals to create highly efficient probiotics that are alive. All the Julisis formulas assist in rebalancing your skin to its natural equilibrium with a healthy glow and firmer skin.

Julisis Travel Kit

The samples were amazing and Gemma had the opportunity to try the silver mineral mask, the silver citrus toner, the silver cleansing cream, and the silver night cream. All provide an incredible detox system. When Julisis Eulberg had a moment, he spoke with Gemma Magazine about his skin care line and all it has to offer.

What inspired you to create Julisis?
In 2002 there was no luxury, organic, clean skin care on the market — skin care with logic and true sustainability. We became the leaders of the “Eco-chic”. We are working with one’s biorhythm and following alchemistic principles. After studying the Paracelsus scriptures, the alchemy formulas were the base of the JULISIS skin care system. We produce under EU pharmaceutical standards.
Everything about Julisis is medicinal and plant-based, and the line originates from Italy. Can you please expand?
Our medicinal plant garden is over 120 years old — a fully self-sustainable biotope. The water flows from the melting glaciers to the gardens. It is highly mineralized. We never use any fertilizers or environmental pollutants. In a radius of 80 miles, there is no industry. All plants are hand-harvested and dried on silk in specially built screen squares.
Please describe the fermentation process?
During fermentation, microorganisms double active substances and break down the molecular structure of elements to a size that can penetrate the skin more deeply and rapidly to boost the skin’s natural defense and harmonizes skin imbalances.
On the grounds in Italy, we have two octagonal glasshouses with a constant temperature of 37.5 celsius, our natural body temperature to adjust the plant material to our bodies. The process takes between 3 and 15 months, depending on the plant material. We had no allergic reactions in 17 years, as Julisis is mild but powerful.
Would you consider this skin care line in the anti-aging and repair sector?
Julius rejuvenates your skin cells, your appearance, that is what all our clients observe. It is more cell nutrition compared to creams that sit on your skin. We are especially proud that we can work with severe skin conditions like psoriasis, couperose, dermatitis, acne, and other imbalances.
Re-balancing the skin seems to be the essence of Julius as well as an optimal skin care routine. What stands out about Julius?
If your skin is in excellent condition, I always say 50% you own thanks to your DNA; the rest is discipline and effort. You can pick whatever product you want; the washes are a must as they help maintain optimal ph balance, which are the fundamentals of Julisis.
Has there been a customer favorite?
Our eye cream called eyemulsion, our contour hydra serum, sun emulsion, and washes are the top sellers but tightly followed by the rest. Of course, platinum I and II sells less because of the price point. However, it is strong in Asia and Russia.

Contour Hydra Serum

We love the night cream. How important is it to the skin?
The silver cream night feels first quite creamy, then in the alchemist’s fashion melts into the skin. It helps to detox overnight and firm the skin. All plants aim towards the same goal of regeneration, rejuvenation, and firming.
Please tell us about Julisis fragrances.
It is redefining subtle fragrance without the usual chemicals, no isopropyl alcohol, but pure grain alcohol. We infuse the alcohol with CBD and the L’elexir du jour; our day fragrance is a powerful anti-depressant that uplifts the senses. Four different Bergamots from different areas in Italy with Neroli and some rare woods create a fresh but warm scent that creates your very own scent once in contact with the chemistry of your skin. It is a genuinely personal fragrance. The L’elexir d’amour is a warm, intoxicating fragrance with a fossilized resin from the Kalahari desert that is 3000 years old together with Oud, Bergamot, Neroli. It is very sexy and seductive.
Where can our readers find Julius? We sell in 15 countries to SPA’s, dermatologists, online retailers, private beauticians, concept stores, and through our website. It is all a matter of consciousness when the time is right; the right people find us. That is how we grew organically over the last 17 years.

 Gemma Magazine would like to thank Julisis Eulberg for taking the time to speak with us and break down the scientific formula. You can find Julisis online at

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