The Artistic Beauty of Love: Relationship Educator Karinna Karsten

The “L-word.” Everyone wants to experience it. Whether it’s finding a best friend, lover, or ultimately a soulmate; it’s a human need. (The “L-word” being Love) can get complicated and it helps to have quality guidance at times. As humans, we want to be loved and find that significant other we can trust on every level. For some, it seems to come naturally. However, looking for love and sustaining a relationship both present unique challenges. There is no rulebook on relationships. However, there are tools and advice.

Karinna Karsten has made a unique niche for herself and has managed to make studying personal relationships her career. Karinna is an internationally recognized relationship expert, and tech and media entrepreneur in Los Angeles. She is the founder of Relationship A.I. and LOVE TV.

Karinna grew up in the subtropical southern U.S., rich with culture, manners, ice tea and yummy seafood that comes from saltwater marshes intertwining with the Atlantic ocean. “I have a deep appreciation for nature and quiet, gentle places that came from growing up in this place. Of course, I couldn’t wait to spread my wings and move to the big city,” said Karsten. Her first big city was Manhattan. When Karinna had a moment, she chatted with Gemma and we could not be more excited.

What inspired you to study personal relationships and make it your career?

My observations of relationship dynamics, both from growing up and traveling around the world as an international fashion model, fuelled my passion. I became fascinated with how people relate with each other and build relationships based on distinct cultural and family origins. Love is our universal language, it is hugely significant in the span of our lifetime, and yet we can find ourselves making it a side thing.

You have already established Can you please tell me a bit about how empowers your relationship in the digital age? Furthermore, can you please expand upon Relationship A.I. coming this Fall?
LOVETV ( is a digital media and membership platform that inspires your relationship journey. The platform provides a roster of empowering content including personal dating and couple stories, today’s relationship dilemmas viewed with new perspectives. Fresh ideas for romantic dates and nourishing your wellbeing as well as access to LOVETV’s premium membership allows our users to reimagine and form a vibrant personal life. We have many Gen Z and Millennial users as it’s especially difficult for them to navigate dating.
Relationship A.I. ( is scheduled to launch this Fall. We realized how complicated dating has become and wanted to create an app that helps you build a lasting relationship. Nowadays, people have matches on multiple apps, and we created a tool that will help them go on more actual dates. Relationship A.I. ( supports active, savvy daters in navigating and evaluating their dating life from apps to in-person dynamics in realtime. Relationship A.I. is focused on helping today’s daters date smarter and form strong bonds faster.

Does your work include advice on sustaining friendships or it’s mainly about romance and finding a significant other?
Great relationships are based on liking each other as people. Friendship is undoubtedly a part of building a meaningful romantic relationship. Our focus is nurturing a quality love life, whether one is needing to develop greater self-love, dating know-how or nourishing their relationship life. Learning about relationships and yourself also helps your social life and career.

On this note, do you work with married couples? Especially with work and kids, it’s quite easy for the relationship not to be nurtured?
Yes. I have worked with couples for a long time. My husband and I have been married for over a decade, so I am very sensitive to how relationships mature well or can go off the tracks. Couples often don’t make enough space for adult time individually or together and can fall into a habit of giving everything to the whole, the home life, family life and feel they are being responsible. I am not saying ditch your family responsibilities, but if you leave yourself out for too long, you often end up depleted and resentful.
I still take on a few high performing couples for private coaching. And couples can benefit from relationship support and intimacy development from our membership at LOVETV.

Do you tell your clients to focus upon taking care of the self or “wellness of the mind” before advising them to embark upon a romantic relationship?
Absolutely. We have to bring wellness into sharper focus in your life, period. Relationships are only as good as each partner’s consciousness and capacity for a healthy, thriving relationship journey. Meditation and wellness rituals are fundamental to my personal life, and these practices are shared with our members.

What do you tell someone (male or female) who is longing to meet someone or that “perfect partner,” yet, nothing seems to be working?
If what you are doing isn’t working for you, you have first to form new perspectives that will. This is challenging when you are making decisions in a vacuum based on personal blinders from your own relationship history of experiences. Encourage and support your own self-growth to date smarter than you have. Bring a more excellent deal of self-awareness to the table in your dating life to breakthrough to success. Relationship A.I. supports daters to do just that.

Does there seem to be a common thread that couples fall into that causes root problems?
Blaming and complaining.
Underneath this are insecurities, fear, and resistance that stunt growth. The ability to look at the patterns that are afoot and move forward in more empowering ways is the sign of health. Relationships take a commitment to self and relational empowerment. Do you own your power or you in default to your partner? Are you sharing power dynamics with respect and generosity with your romantic partner?

What do you think of online dating?
It is the norm. About 60% of new couples meet online. However, people still meet in person, so don’t rule any option out.

Tell our readers a bit about the programs you offer.
● Relationship A.I. app’s initial release coming out this Fall is Free
● LOVE TV provides access to membership Free for seven days/then $38 month

What do you do to “download?” Another word, I would imagine taking time for yourself is very important in your business.
My husband and I enjoy traveling and working. I have realized that it is essential to balance joy and healthy living which we find in our love of traveling with the passion of helping others. We also swim and hike as great tools for health and wellbeing wherever we go.

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