Staying Real with Ron Robinson for ‘Gemma’

Ron Robinson is making his mark in Hollywood as an actor, producer, and director. He’s respected by his peers for his craft and especially for the person he is. Robinson is an actor but a skilled creative collaborator as well. Ron has a strong work ethic but also gives generously to who he’s working on set.

Robinson grew up in Ypsilanti, Michigan, about 30 miles outside of Detroit and even lived many of his early childhood years in Memphis, TN. Ron always performed in front of his family with different impressions, as early as he can remember. Did he know from an early age that he wanted to become an actor? Actually, no. He did not know that he would commit himself to this craft until he was around 17 or so. When asked if his parents were supportive, Ron expressed, “It’s a risky business, so there was some worry maybe from my family when I talked about acting. However, they became very supportive after seeing me perform in my first theatre productions,” says Ron Robinson.

Recently, Ron took the time to chat with Gemma Magazine as we are thrilled to feature such a multi-talented actor and diversified creative.

Would you that you got your start in the Monica video for the song “Why I Love You So Much?” You have such a strong presence — Did it lead to additional acting work?

Yes, I would have to say that the Monica video was my first on-screen professional appearance. I booked that gig about two months after arriving in LA. You know, Monica was so special to work with. She made it easy, and the chemistry was natural. That video played in constant rotation all day every day for a while. It brought me recognition, as well as more opportunities. A few months after the video, I booked my first speaking role on ‘Saved by the Bell” (The New Class) along with many more other shows including “90210,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” and “Star Trek.” I booked many shows that I grew up watching during my first two years in LA, which was exciting.

The cast of Undateable John (Robinson plays Larry) is so super talented. Also, is it true Joan Jett produced it?

Undateable John was produced by Joan Jett, from her production company Blackheart. It also stars Daryl Hannah and Tom Arnold. Joan has a significant part in the movie; she has a lot of range and substance to her acting. Her presence on set took the experience to another level for me. She was so real and down to earth and she would play her guitar during some of our downtimes when she wasn’t filming. We made the whole movie in one house in the Hollywood Hills, so we all got to know each other a bit.

Tell us a bit about your animated series SuperF…ckers
SuperF…ckers is an animated series that revolves around a group of superheroes that never really do any superhero work. I play Radical Randy – My character uses drugs to gain superpowers. Pretty trippy! David Faustino and Jaleel White also star on the show, in which the premise centers upon an adult-rated comic book series.

You are involved with acting, directing, and producing. Have all three elements been a consistent part of your creative process?

I directed my first short film, Lost, over ten years ago. But at the time, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a filmmaker. I always tried to get other people to do the work for me. I was encouraged by my close friend to dive into this other art form, and it took me years to abandon self-doubt to become a filmmaker. Now I feel that I have no other choice. It’s another form of expression that I can’t run away from, and I enjoy it!

Who are some of your favorite actors in terms of talent, authenticity, and overall longevity?

Morgan Freeman, Toshiro Mifune, Joaquin Phoenix, Viola Davis, to name a few. I can go on for days. There are so many actors that I admire.

Yes, I enjoyed putting that piece together, and we recently won a few awards at Film Fest LA! Edge of Incursion takes place on Halloween, and it’s a mystery short. It follows my character as he travels through the night on the way to his girlfriend’s costume party, in hopes of giving her a trick or treat. The audience will have to decide. Edge also stars one of my best friends and fellow actor, Kash Hovey, who also appears in Undateable John. We shot Edge of Incursion in Santa Monica and Downtown LA, in the middle of Skid Row.

Kash Hovey and Ron Robinson have a friendship and a mutual respect for each other when it comes to the entertainment industry. Kash expanded,

“Yes, proud to say Ron is a dear friend, and I’ve had the honor of collaborating with him on multiple projects. We met on a film set we were both acting in years ago and bonded over our love of movies and filmmakers. He is so talented and passionate about his work.” “As an actor, he brings everything he has to his performances and takes you into his character. As a producer/director, he has his vision of what he wants and is very collaborative with his cast. He brings the best out of of his actors, and it’s always a creative and inspirational environment of artists.”
(Kash Hovey on Ron Robinson)

Would you say your mind is always creating? Also, how do stay grounded in a very competitive industry?
I would have to say Yes. When I’m not creating, I’m thinking about creating.
Family of course, keeps me grounded but I’ve also had some very humbling experiences over the past few years that made me put life into perspective. I don’t take anything for granted anymore.

I want to thank Ron Robinson for taking the time to chat with Gemma. We will be watching for the latest industry news on Ron.

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