The Artistic Beauty of Truth

Gemma Magazine is an online magazine about artists, their talent, and the comprehensive story of their struggles and accomplishments. Overall, it is about their journey (within themselves and towards reaching their professional goals). On behalf of Gemma Magazine, writing upon artists and attending events of all types is about the facts. Yes, the form is creative and artistic, however; the actual structure of representing someone and their talent needs to be stated in the factual form, while still producing a sense of inspiration and creativity. Trust me, as a writer, there is nothing worse than having the artist let you know that they were not portrayed correctly. Well, here it is — Gemma does not always get it right, even when we think we do. On a personal note, (and as the Editor), I take that to heart. It even takes me a few days to understand what went wrong. Why? It’s simple. We are completely inspired by every artist that we feature and it’s our job to get it right.

Brandan Odums
Artist Daniel Winn

We could post Instagram photos on the daily with one sentence. However, that is not the vision of the magazine. I’m attracted to artists and feel an obligation to them because that is the goal of Gemma Magazine. However, it’s also the vision within my heart. Portraying the particular creative correctly can be compared to raising kids at times. If you have more than one, they are all different and as a parent, you should let them thrive based off of each child’s innate personality. You might want to mold them based off of your standards — but that usually doesn’t work. There is also so much to discover and be in awe of by watching them grow into their individuality. Allowing them to make mistakes and grow into an authentic person from it. Moms love to embellish at times that everything is perfect. What if it isn’t? That’s ok too.

Why is representing someone correctly so important? The answer lies somewhere within me, but I rather not look. It’s more appealing to keep my eyes on them. Maybe I feel I’ve been categorized incorrectly and need to get each artist right. The inner vision has meaning, value, and importance. Mostly, it resembles integrity and emotion (all in one). Although, we cannot always see into one’s heart and creativity perfectly. There has to be some slack given to both artist and writer. That’s the authenticity of beauty, truth, and life.

Asceno London

In the end, we will continue to produce, represent, and write the right way — with heart, objectivity, and a lot of inspiration. Nothing will be swept under the rug. Actually, looking at the painting, performer, and designer dress, is a fantasy that tells a truth. Just listen carefully.

Filmmaker/Photographer Kelly Needleman

The Walter Collection (LAFW)
Revealed: Daniel Winn

Mostly, it’s about authenticity and letting the artist have a safe place with an allure of mystery too.

Finally, we are human. There will be too much lace in a dress, one too many brush strokes, and movies misunderstood. There can beauty within the mistake as well. We learn, we grow, and we realize maybe that’s how it was supposed to turn out.

Again… the allure of authenticity.

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