The Art of Enhancement: Erica Azizi, Physician Assistant for Feldmar Aesthetics

Botox, Dermal Fillers, Dysport, and Lasers are just a handful of skincare options to stay looking youthful and healthy. They are also very attractive to women in their forties. Just talking about the options is similar to eating candy. Which one and why because the result will be fantastic. Feldmar Aesthetics offers many treatment options and adheres to quality work. Recently I was offered an opportunity to sample a generous Botox treatment, and I said YES in a heartbeat on the eve of my Birthday.

Feldmar Aesthetics ( is a luxurious, results-oriented, full-service plastic surgery practice and medical facility. The team is led by a double board-certified renowned plastic, reconstructive and general surgeon, Dr. David Feldmar. Their goal is to enhance your natural beauty using the most advanced and minimally invasive techniques. They are dedicated to helping patients achieve their beauty goals, which is very refreshing.

Erica Azizi, PA

I enjoyed the benefits of the treatment from Physician Assistant Erica Azizi. She’s phenomenal in how she works and her demeanor is immensely calm. About ten days have the injections, I did notice a difference in a very natural and subtle way. That is precisely what Erica Azizi strives for. Was I hoping for a bolder difference? In many ways, yes. However realistic factors come into play: budget, the look you want, and your age. In all honesty, aging for women can make you feel out-of-sorts — and not because of additional wrinkles. Women might not talk about it, but I do feel many think about it. Erica helps women to embrace their natural beauty at whatever age you are while learning to take preventative steps to good skincare.

Erica Azizi is a California board-certified physician assistant specializing in plastic surgery, aesthetics, and dermatology. She has been working alongside Dr. David Feldmar at Feldmar Aesthetics for three years. Erica received her Masters in Physician Assistant Practice from USC and has extensive experience in dermatological practice and dermal injections. She is passionate about helping her patients see their true beauty and utilizes the latest treatments and technologies to create the most natural and long-lasting results.

During my treatment, Gemma had the perfect moment to speak with Erica. She’s informative and realistic.

unnamedHow did you decide that you wanted to be into the medical field (specifically, cosmetic treatment)?
It was not entirely planned. I was set to go to art school but through trial and error ended up going into medicine to become a Physician Assistant. I was attracted to Dermatology and skin issues. After graduate school, I was given the opportunity to work in plastic surgery at Feldmar Aesthetics. “In retrospect, it’s always what I wanted to do — help people be comfortable in their skin and maintain their youth. Like art, your face is my canvas, and I’m using Botox, lasers, and fillers to bring out the most beautiful side of you, “said Azizi.

Realistically, it does help to start earlier, correct?
It is true that if you start in your 20’s that it can become a preventative treatment and wrinkles will not be as intense by your 40’s. Granted, you must still care for your skin with sunscreen and quality products (regardless of age). Stating Botox in your 20’s might seem young, but if you get your treatments conservatively (every three months), it makes an enormous difference. Of course, you can start in your 40’s. However, the results will probably not be the same depending on skin differences.


“In retrospect, it’s always what I wanted to do — help people be comfortable in their skin and maintain their youth. Like art, your face is my canvas, and I’m using Botox, lasers, and fillers to bring out the most beautiful side of you, “said Azizi.

Do you feel Botox improves self-esteem?

I definitely, 100% feel that your self-esteem improves. However, I cannot stress enough about sticking to a conservative plan. For me, the most crucial factor is that when you leave the office and the results settle in, you will have a “refreshed look,” where people cannot identify what it is. There is more of a glow to the patient.

Will you still receive the desired effect with women on a very tight budget? Honestly, a limited budget and being older can make it harder to achieve the desired results that you want if you are starting treatments late. In this case, starting in your 20’s can be an advantage. I’m not saying the results will not take place. Expectations need to be realistic. Ultimately, this is where I have what’s essential to the patient and me. Therefore, I usually end up asking what your primary goal or what bothers you the most is.

“In retrospect, it’s always what I wanted to do — help people be comfortable in their skin and maintain their youth. Like art, your face is my canvas, and I’m using Botox, lasers, and fillers to bring out the most beautiful side of you,” (Erica Azizi)

Do you think botox can be addictive?
I do at times. As providers, it’s our responsibility sometimes to turn a patient away. It can be hard to stop when the results are excellent. Again, my goal and the desired outcome of Feldmar Aesthricsis is to stay conservative and make the treatments preventative.

There has been a lot of negative press about fillers and botox, lately. What do you think of the criticism?
I think they might be getting a bad reputation due to women overusing them. However, going overboard is not the answer. Women need to be encouraged that its beautiful to maintain your natural look

How do lasers come work in creating younger skin?
Laser treatments have become super popular due to their ability to build collagen, resurface the skin, smooth out wrinkles and diminish sunspots.

Any additional advice for proper skin care?

Sunscreen daily, as we now know the incredibly damaging effects of the sun.
Retin A depletes old cells with new ones, which results in younger looking skin.
Vitamin C with additional antioxidants will help diminish sun spots and keep pigmentation down
Drinking water and more water: Hydrate
A good quality moisturizer will also keep the cells supple

Overall, I highly enjoyed the results of my botox treatment. Did it make me feel like Wonder Woman? Only you can do that from within — as cliche as it may sound. On behalf of Gemma Magazine, I would like to thank Erica Azizi for chatting with us for such an informative interview. You can follow Erica Azizi as well as Feldmar Aesthetics on the following social platforms:




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