The Resistant​ Yogini

At Gemma Magazine, we promote artistic endeavors, achievements and a deeper meaning of life through the arts. Mainly our magazine is about the authentic artists that are “pursuing their dream,” in fashion, entertainment, and art as well as the courage that it takes. It can be challenging (even for passionate artists) to stay in the present moment at times. The industry is very competitive, and it’s quite easy to find a reason to give up. However, certain things set your soul on fire, and if you can combine that intensity with calm persistence, there might be some “lucky circumstances.” I believe that luck happens to those who put in the daily work. I’m referring to consistent habits that build over time and just keep getting stronger.

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My dear friend suggested taking up yoga and learning how the intricate steps of the practice can fuse with your life on a daily basis regarding keeping tasks in check, taking risks, and mastering the balance of body, mind, and soul. At times, yoga has been too slow for me because I move at such a fast pace. I honestly felt that my body would not be able to calm down enough to even follow instructions:). It also seemed so cliche. However, I made a firm commitment to the process this time and have treated it similar to art. Here are a few examples of what I learned after the past six months:

  • The practice itself is not that easy (regardless of level). After each session, I genuinely feel motivated to go back again and keep myself and my goals aligned.
  • After about six weeks of consistent classes, I felt SO much calmer and more able to deal with life. I was also able to tune into my inner voice more and start saying no.
  • My body felt sore and robust. It can make you feel like a kid again using muscles we do not generally put to the test. Yes, at times, it still feels too slow — but like life itself — the overall goal is to put in the work, and the authenticity of becoming our best self will shine.
  • BODY, MIND, and SOUL– As each pose became more arduous, ironically, it propelled me to work harder and become more resilient in my life. That was an empowering feeling. At times, the stakes are high. Being a mom, writer, and living in Los Angeles can be chaotic. Therefore, I am secure in body, mind, and soul. Remind yourself of this as well.
  • It’s about the process. Enjoying the creative process, learning and growing. Even the mistakes are right because that’s where you learn. Ultimately, it became about blending all sides of myself (confident, shy, and determined) into one formation.


In the end, yoga has fueled my passion for life and life has contributed to my love and deep respect for yoga. They are friends and hopefully will continue to lean into each other. Each deep breath leads to the next. Easier said than done, but keep breathing. Lastly, Yoga Fashion is incredible if styled correctly. However, that’s a separate post.



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