The Beauty of ‘Maturity’ from Designer Bjorn Van Den Berg: His Current Collection

It’s honestly an honor to be writing about Luxury Designer, Bjorn Van Den Berg for the third time. The first feature was a comprehensive review of his first three collections, the second was for his ‘Fragile’ Collection, and now Bjorn presents the ‘Maturity’ Collection. All of his collections are different while remaining true to the Van Den Berg brand. His respect for women to embrace who they truly are is inspiring. It has been a beautiful journey of growth and dedication for the Bjorn Van Den Berg who never misses an opportunity to surprise. He’s very much a “glamourous designer” and knows how to bring elements of fantasy to life. Each of his collections tells a passionate story through the designs. The “Man Behind the Brand” designs, collaborates and styles on high-end productions. Are you ready for ‘Maturity’? It’s time!

‘Maturity’ sets an entirely different tone. It is bold, glamorous, and strong; but most importantly, it features the mature woman. The woman that has truly lived life — the ups and downs and is now embracing herself on all levels. This Collection even gets personal. It is Bjorn paying homage to all strong women — both in his own life and overall. The ‘Maturity’ aesthetic accentuates the authentic glamour of Old Hollywood as an inspiration combined with many creative elements expressed in the most beautiful way possible. Bjorn translated gold combined with black, silver, clear crystals and black diamonds into luxury designs, with influences from the art nouveau and art deco eras. The designer’s love for details is infinite.  ‘Maturity’ reveals Bjorn’s craftsmanship combined with high end, luxurious materials. Memories inspired Bjorn from the past, and the collection shows that he has grown as an individual and as a designer.


Bjorn was inspired by the strong and independent women in his family, like his mother and grandmother. He chose a powerful woman as the main character in the campaign for the ‘Mature’ collection and wanted to make a statement. In addition to an already beautiful campaign, shot by photographer Hans Mooijer, Bjorn wants to tribute and pay homage to all mature and robust woman that inspired him for years as a designer. Bjorn wanted to make sure that it was not only the Hollywood legends but also women in general and in my life. Bjorn said, “They have given me so much, and strong women inspire me and bring my designs to life.” He felt it was time to give something back.


                                                             Hollywood Influence

IMG_7303The color palette contains a warm gold, in combination with black and fading into clear and soft, diamond tones. The colors translate through many hand-set crystals. For this collection, Bjorn was inspired by beautifully, detailed jewelry from the past. Bjorn stated, “We all know the beautiful sceneries, actresses and Femme Fatales of Old Hollywood in our own way. It is your interpretation that brings the collection to life.”

                                                                  The Collection

Couture, limited editions and a spectacular prêt-a-porter are the three major components that serve as the base for the ‘Maturity’ collection. The deserve exists of eighteen pieces in total, including a signature corset, headpiece, and a waistbelt made of velvet and cocoa- print leather, covered with a 24k gold plated set with an infinite number of crystals. The limited editions are the real treasures, such as gorgeous clutches, necklaces, and bracelets, all covered with crystals and finely plated in 24k gold. The items are produced in limited editions only, handmade by the designer himself in Amsterdam.


                                                                Ready to Sparkle

Christmas comes early this year, with the stunning prêt-a-porter collection. The collection has something for everyone. It contains earrings, pendants, bracelets, and a ring. “The perfect match for every occasion and outfit,” says Bjorn Van Den Berg. The prêt-a-porter collection will be available in the online boutique and through exclusive salespoints.

Gemma Magazine would like to thank Bjorn Van Den Berg for the opportunity to cover the ‘Maturity’ Collection. He has accomplished so much and is always pushing the boundaries. We included two previous photos from past collections (‘Fragile’ and ‘Red Rebellion’) to show what a versatile and talented designer he is.


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