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Ten minutes into my interview with Jezlan Moyet, it’s clear that she is genuinely the charismatic and gorgeous entertainment personality you see every morning on “Good Morning LaLa Land” ( from Focus TV (, which is America’s first LIVE Streaming Daily Lifestyle Talk Show (M-F 9 am PST). Jezlan is passionate and driven about her career (she is also the Managing Editor of FOCUS Magazine and hosts various red carpet award shows), works extremely hard, has an astute talent for listening, and most important; holds her Michigan roots close to her heart. She values her Midwest upbringing but always felt there was more regarding fulfilling her purpose within her career and life. After graduating with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. Moyet made a move to LA to authentically fulfill her dreams. As Moyet said herself, “LA has been good to me.”




On camera and the red carpet, Jezlan doesn’t miss a beat and makes it look seamless. Jezlan was also very candid about the immense workload her schedule calls for, but she seems to thrive upon it as well. She is fun to watch, and you can catch her every morning on “Good Morning LaLa Land” along with her talented co-hosts Dr. Erin (Doctor of Divinity) and lovely life coach Rob Mack. Topics range from female empowerment, fashion, food, health, spirituality and much more. The show currently airs on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. We loved that she admitted to having “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out), and when Moyet had a moment to stop, we met at Alfred Coffee in West Hollywood for lattes to discuss her projects and nonstop life that has become second nature to her.


NYFW9Did you always know your career path? If yes, did it make it easier?

Yes, I did! I’ve known since I was seven or eight years old. My best friend and I always wanted to play “talk show.” We borrowed a video camera and took turns playing host and interviewee. I was also into fashion and knew that I wanted to model. I had a clear vision of what I liked and wanted to do at a very early age. I do feel blessed to have known, but the dedication and discipline it takes in my business did not necessarily make “knowing early on” easier.

What was it growing up in the Midwest?

Growing up in the Midwest taught me to be genuine and a hard worker. These two values were instilled in me from a young age. The way that I grew up, nothing was ever handed to you. It’s a great lesson. My mom is the most determined person that I know. She’s a fantastic role model and very strong-willed, and I’m grateful to have that trait.

After getting your degree in Broadcast Journalism, how did you transition into the modeling industry, which is a fantastic opportunity but not always easy? Can you please expand?

Well, (not to sound cliche), but a designer in France discovered me. I was ready then. However, I had made a deal with my mom to finish my education first and did just that while working on the side. When I graduated, I packed up my car and headed out to LA and got two agents. With modeling, I worked hard, and it taught me great life lessons. I traveled all over the world and met fantastic people. I remained focused. It was the first time I had to think like a businesswoman and begin building my brand as well as create firm boundaries.


Did you feel acting might be the next step?

That’s an interesting question because I received many offers. However, all too similar: “pretty girl in the background.” I do continue to model but also knew I had more to offer so transitioning myself to an entertainment personality felt natural (especially with my background in Broadcast Journalism). I can most definitely say that I love what I do and am in my element.

What was it like entering red carpet territory? I’m always amazed by how much information the hosts are prepared for.

I love being on the red carpet! Fashion, entertainment, actors. I was very nervous at first and had to work up to a confidence level. However, I knew this was my purpose. The preparation is intense, but I have excellent memorization skills, which is vital to what I do. I also learned that if you don’t know everything, it’s ok. Most importantly, I’ve realized that trusting yourself is vital. Then you become a vehicle or vessel for that personal trust and can focus upon the work.

How was the transition to “Good Morning LaLa Land”?

The transition was very natural, and I’m in my element, for sure. Again we stream live daily (M-F). The preparation can be daunting at times. My day starts at 5 am and it’s nonstop. I go to work daily with two fantastic co-hosts — Dr. Erin, who has infinite wisdom and Rob Mack, life coach extraordinaire. I feel fortunate. It did take a while to get the vibe down, but it has been such a positive experience. We have great guests and you learn from every show.

Do (or did) you ever struggle with following an “atypical” path? I ask this because I can relate.

A typical path was never for me, ever. I knew that from the beginning. Sometimes it can be challenging, but I have a solid and supportive community of people within LA who believe in me. We all need our community or tribe of people, friends, and family (even if they are not family members) who support your dreams and you as a person. Furthermore, yes, my industry is competitive. However, I’m fulfilling my purpose and I’ll take and everything that comes with it than choosing a safer route.

I know you and your co-hosts talk about mindfulness and spirituality a bit on “Good Morning LaLa Land.” What does spirituality mean to you?

I grew up Catholic and Christian. I do have a strong sense of faith that shaped my present-day spiritual beliefs. Even if I do not always practice my beliefs through organized religion, I do feel there is a higher truth and being out there. I’m pretty much in a gray space on this subject and happen to love the many shades of gray. It gives you room to question.

On a lighter note, you admitted to having a bad case of ‘FOMO.’ Tell us more.

I do have a serious case of Fear of Missing Out! I have it bad:). I want to say yes to everything. I’m inspired by the energy of other creative individuals and love learning about people. It’s simply part of my DNA. I’m passionate about building my brand as well as connecting with people on a greater level. This is essential in today’s work culture — even if you are creative minded.

“I think of myself and my brand as a business. I’m invested in building a quality tribe so we can rise together and support one another and that’s the strength of my business — just being a connector of people.” (Jezlan Moyet)

You have an incredibly busy schedule. How critical is self-care to you?

I highly value self-care. Even with my schedule, it’s so important to stop, turn off the phone, and download. I probably should do it more and encourage all women to do it. I am learning to meditate, and the rejuvenation process is so essential. I need to be my best self so that I can be present for what I do.


You always look lovely in clothes and have great style. What are some of the Fashion brands that you love?

Thank you! I do adore fashion. Firstly, I love supporting the local community and the female community in creating my personal, signature style. I’m a big fan of designer Rochelle Goodrick ( She’s from New Zeland but now lives in LA. When I wore her clothes, it was the first time that I felt empowered by what I’m wearing. I wore many of her pieces to NYFW as they capture form and the feminine body. I go through so many wardrobe changes within a day and try to be as fashion conscious as possible. I also recently collaborated with the company Kollectin (, a social application where contemporary designers can continue to thrive and be discovered, with the support of personal influence. They are a great company and readers can download the app and use the invite code: Jezlan.  She happened to be wearing a Kollectin ring during the interview which was stunning.


Jezlan Moyet is continuously in motion and is taking on one exciting project to another. She is living her best life by being the best version of herself. Jezlan is truly inspiring and on behalf of Gemma Magazine, we would like to thank her for joining us. To follow Jezlan on her social media platforms:

All photos courtesy of Miranda Montenegro @miramonty

Style: @rochellegoodrick

Jewelry: @Kollectin

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