Blake Borders~Teen Actor Taking Risks and on the Rise

Blake Borders ( is only sixteen and is fiercely following his passion. Blake has numerous acting credits to his name and has no plans on slowing down. He has starred in various shorts and has an upcoming feature film coming out. Blake is not your typical teen, but he’s doing what he’s passionate about — acting. Blake Borders has fully committed himself to his craft and is making his mark. Talented, warm, and smart, he has a clear vision and works passionately to fulfill his dream. Blake is based in Clovis, Ca but makes the commute to Los Angeles for auditions, premieres, and scene study intensives. He has an extremely healthy perspective on the industry and is authentic in his desire to act.

He is currently signed with LA Management (with Addison Witt as his Manager) and recently signed with Alicia Beekman as his Agent with Commercial Talent Agency. An integral aspect of Blake’s success has been the immense support from both of his parents.  Again, he’s only sixteen (and already passed the CHSPE Exam and his Driver’s test). After communicating with his mom, Heather Borders, it’s very inspiring to see her support. Recently Gemma Magazine had the fantastic opportunity to interview Blake, meet his family, and get to know him while he was in L.A. for an acting workshop.


It’s so lovely to meet you finally! Thanks for joining. What sparked your interest in acting?
Thank you so much for having me. I have always known since a young age that I wanted to perform. I would make movies with my sister and the neighborhood kids. I starred in a 4th-grade play and felt comfortable on stage. I ended up loving theatre program and my Elementary school productions. My passion grew from there. I decided to take it further. There was a local agency up north that led to some great connections and that eventually resulted in me signing with LA Management, (under the guidance of Talent Manager Addison Witt). It helped tremendously with castings, workshops, and support. I’m genuinely grateful for Addison Witt’s support. He’s made the entire process so much easier.

What was it like going from the theater to real-life auditions?
Auditioning, at first, made me incredibly nervous and I had to work through it. For a while, it was very challenging. However, I knew how much I enjoyed acting. Now, I’ve been performing consistently for over 2 1/2 years and auditioning feels natural.

How does acting make you feel (as Blake Borders)?
Acting makes me feel great. I’m in my element, and I find it joyful. I get to step outside of myself. It’s so much fun to see the final product after putting in so much work. With dramatic pieces, in particular, even more so. You get to connect with people in a way that would not usually do so in a regular job or profession. I also find joy in seeing the reaction on people’s faces after a film screening to see how it affects them. It’s always nice when the work you have been a part of touches other

The Fringe of Existence is upcoming, which is a very dramatic piece. How did the shoot go? Also, can you please expand on the director, Felipe Cisneros.

The Fringe of Existence

The Fringe of Existence was a fantastic experience. I play Harrison and the entire cast is great.  Jackie Dallas also stars in it. It’s very dramatic. It’s currently going through the film festival process. Yes, Felipe Cisneros directed the film, who had such a strong vision from the beginning and that helped the film launch. He’s wonderful at communicating what he wants to the cast. That made it so much easier. Felipe also won best directing and writing for the film.


Farewell Cherry Summit is another great short film you starred in. Currently, it is on Youtube. We enjoyed your character Ben as well as the chemistry between you and Emmy (played by Bree Leon).

That was also a great project. Again, I play a shy kid in his shell, and he’s nerdy. His friend convinces him to go to a party to break the shyness shell. Events at the party end up going south. Although, he does meet Emmy, who is moving out of town the following day. Our characters end up spending the rest of the evening hanging out. “It was nice because the shoot was tiny and intimate. Bree and I had a lot of time to talk and connect on set.” Our characters bond so well by the end of the film, and I feel having a smaller production allowed Bree and I to get to know each other, which translated well onscreen.

Farewell Cherry Summit
Farewell Cherry Summit

I know you come to LA for scene study intensives. What is that like?

Intense! But also so inspiring and informative to keep building my craft. My teacher is amazing. She has this manner of looking for the best in everyone but she also tells you what you need to hear without sugar coating it, which produces success for others. I also do Improv classes in LA for 8-week sessions.

What can you tell us about Shards, which recently wrapped?

Shards is a horror film and my character’s name is Peter. I love horror films. Unfortunately, I can’t say too much since we recently wrapped the film. Again, it was such a great experience with the cast members and the director.


How excited are you about the feature film coming out called The Adventure of TP Man and Flusher?

Super happy! My character is ‘The Granddaddy’. It will be premiering December 2018. I play a mob boss with 1980’s clothing and a New York accent. This film is directed, written, and produced by Griffin Loch (who is 14). Griffen is amazing, and this film is his second feature film and focuses upon the tragic epidemic of teen suicide. It tells a true story of deep depression, laughter, love, and friendship.


Is memorizing lines somewhat easy for you?

I have to say it comes pretty naturally which is a gift. I’m able to read through a script quite quickly and get a good take on the character. From an actor’s perspective, this is extremely helpful. When you can memorize fast, it allows you to form the role within your head and play it out. If I look at the script too much, it’s not beneficial for me.

Do you think that you get typecast a lot as “the boy next door?”
Sometimes. I understand that it might be what many casting directors see initially. However, I’m incredibly outgoing and not a shy person. I enjoy each character that I take on. I must say that I am so blessed by working with such great directors and people on every film I have been a part of.

How do you feel about the support you have received from your mom?

Incredibly grateful! She is the ultimate “momager.” My mom takes care of the entire business side (emails, castings, scheduling, driving) so that I can entirely focus on the creative elements — auditions and preparing myself for filming. If I did not have my mom’s support, I would not be able to do what I do.

Where do you envision yourself in 5 years?
I hope to be on a network TV series, acting in films, and bringing people together through my work. My dream would be to have a sustainable career from acting. I’ve learned that in this business, you can’t let yourself get overwhelmed where you end up crashing. You have to be remarkably calm and keep moving forward with a strong support system.

“My dream is to bring joy to people through my films and bring people together through my work.” Blake Borders

The very first film that you starred in Say You Will is on Amazon. It’s a feature, and it also gives you the opportunity to see how far you have come.
It’s exhilarating. Say You Will is my very first film had the privilege of working on two years ago. It is out on Amazon and iTunes. It is a fantastic coming of age story. I can’t thank Nick Naveda (Director), Nancy Taylor, and Taylor Grabowsky (Producers) enough for the excellent opportunity that I was given.

We have covered a lot of your work. However, it would be amiss not to mention The Choice, a short you filmed with Director Glenn Spillman of Cellar 13 Films  ( about a teen boy that chooses to be different in terms of discovering his identity. What was the experience like?

The message is powerful and important.  Glenn Spillman also plays my dad in the short. It’s about a teen boy that chooses to be different. The film has received a lot of exposure. At first, I was very unsure because I had never done anything like this before. However, Glenn Spillman was so encouraging and helpful. Glenn has been supportive during this journey.

Blake Borders has a lot to look forward to, and we can’t wait to watch his growth as an artist (even though he never quite stops). He’s very inspiring by following his passion and having fun while doing so. To follow Blake on social media

Lastly, on behalf of Gemma Magazine I would like to thank Blake Borders for the insightful interview, Glenn Spillman, who made the introduction, and Heather Borders for being so incredibly helpful during this process.


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