The New Level of Style from​ The Next Gentleman

Anthony Mastracci, also known as The Next Gentleman (, is a style blogger and yes, he wears it well! Both the job description and the menswear clothing he features. “The Next Gentleman” is a gorgeous and eclectic blog that highlights Anthony’s eye for detail, modern and classy apparel at affordable prices and lifestyle posts that spark the imagination. His website is ahead of the game, and Anthony knows what his audience wants. However, he is also willing to learn along the way, which is such an essential quality as a blogger. Anthony is based in LA but makes frequent trips to Boston. Therefore his sense of style has an East Coast aesthetic fused with the Cali look. Smart!

Copy of Anthony reading in Chair

“I wanted to show people who were interested in menswear and lifestyle topics like romance, restaurants, and grooming how to stay on top of their game without spending thousands of dollars,” says Mastracci. He also wanted to show the world exactly what it means to be a modern day gentleman from his perspective.

Since 2015, “The Next Gentleman” has gained a strong following on the web and social media, mainly Instagram, as he tears through outfits, theological questions, and life itself one post at a time. He has had the fabulous opportunity to showcase some of the best affordable menswear brands, well established and brand new, from all over the country. “But most of all, I’ve been able to spread the message that good style isn’t a price — it’s just how you bring the inside out for everyone to see,” says Anthony. Every week, “The Next Gentleman” meets new brands with whom they seek to develop exciting partnerships. As a rule of thumb, the team only reviews and promotes products that we have personally tested and love using. You must look at the blog, the fantastic brands, and discounts offered! When Anthony was not shooting, sourcing or blogging, we had I a chance to catch up.

Copy of Anthony Ties and Gant Full

GM: You said that you grew up reading GQ Magazine and loved the aesthetic. However, the merchandise featured was pricey, and this ignited your concept/passion to start your magazine/blog. (Very savvy btw). I’m assuming you do all your sourcing. Can you please expand a bit on your creative process?

Our sourcing, the items that make up the outfits we build, come from two different streams — pieces we hand select when working with brands we’d like to feature, and simple pieces we’ve had forever that we love and wear frequently. When it comes to deciding what to feature or when to highlight it, we look at the current season and weather, not just in LA but across the country. Of course, classic pieces can play at any time, but fabrics, colors, and specific styles don’t always work. For example, we’re not going to promote sweaters in the 93 degrees LA heat!

GM: Has men’s fashion always appealed to you? I sometimes feel “it’s either in the blood” or not.

I mean, I think there’s a sort of mental proclivity for spatial and artistic reasoning so I can see what you’re saying. But fashion wasn’t always something I cared about, and it’s pretty recent for me. My love for personal style and image creation began in 2010 when I started working at Nordstrom. I remember just being a young 19-year-old and thinking, “You guys want me to wear a suit to work?!” I had only worn suits for funerals and stage performances up to that point. Being submerged in that environment, you’re exposed to so many style options. The hardest part is trying everything on to get your fit down correctly. I always joke about suburban Nordstrom in the sense that it’s kind of a one-way ticket to dressing better for most employees!

Copy of Anthony Wrangler T and Jeans-3
GM: Your lifestyle posts are so streamlined and beautiful. Are these ideas always planned out?

Oh, absolutely. The feed is something that has taken many shapes over the years, but after my friend/photographer, Fabian, joined the team, we spend time every week planning outfits, tossing clothes around, figuring out which brands we can pair together, conceptualizing the feed and the message, and more before we actually post.

GM: From one writer to another, how do you stay on track? I feel I’m either writing or thinking about writing.

It’s challenging to do with a day job and then the communicative and operational tasks on top of that. But when you’re passionate about something, you make it happen! The hardest part for me, and for many others is the first sentence, so if something’s on my mind, I just let it come out and worry about structure later.

Copy of Anthony Ministry Shirt.jpg

Yes — our LA photographer, Fabian, has been pivotal in organizing and creating new content. We’re looking to plan feet back on the ground in Boston, where The Next Gentleman was born, and hopefully continuing to expand.

GM: What do you think of LA fashion in general (men and women)? Women tend to love men with some swagger, which you have. Did that somewhat come from your Boston roots?
The one thing I didn’t understand until living in LA was how much of the impact weather has on local fashion. Now, back east, we layer, and we layer HARD-CORE. I’m talking first layer, shirt, sweater, jacket, and then overcoat. In LA, you’d be an idiot to do that, and it’s just too hot. But the casual styles you see in LA were born from what makes sense to survive in the climate. There are ways around it to an extent. For example, I’ve swapped out my wool suits for lightweight cotton and even linen options. If I had to choose between the two, I’d say I’m much more into the classic English, and New England inspired styles of Boston.

GM: You have a fantastic fan base. What do you see in the future for The Next Gentleman?

Oh, thank you! Our audience is fantastic. They’re engaging, they ask questions, and they love the style! Initially, the idea was to start a new-age men’s magazine. I didn’t have the people, the funding, or the know-how to do that back then, but we’re making fantastic progress, and I could see it happening one day, in some form. We’re going to keep expanding for now — who know’s what’ll happen!

GM: What sparks your inspiration?

Most of my inspiration comes from my past experiences with work, social circles, hobbies, etc. I’ve never been one to limit myself to one genre of anything, and there’s something very liberating about that. Personal style is the same thing. Some days you’ll see me in a fantastic suit. Other days you’ll see me in joggers and a tee. Other days I’ll be dressed like someone’s dad — and you know, I’m okay with that! It’s all about being yourself.

Copy of Anthony Jumping Man

GM: You seem so chill in general but what do you do for fun to take a mental break from the blog.

Haha — that’s so nice of you, thank you so much! You’re chill too. I work A LOT. If it’s not the day job, it’s the blog, in some capacity. But I love to play catch. I find it to be a great stress reliever and just very therapeutic. There’s usually someone cool catching the ball on the other side, which makes it even better.

GM: Lastly, what advice would you give to someone wanting to start a men’s fashion site?

Want to be part of my team?! Haha — If someone wanted to start a men’s fashion site or blog, I’d say to take a step back from yourself, write down what you’re all about, and then show the world exactly that.

To learn more about Anthony and The Next Gentleman, you can keep up with him on the following social media platforms.

Thank you, Anthony! You are introducing Gemma to menswear in an elegant fashion. Very refreshing.

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