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Fashion trends come and go. Then you have the ones that stay embedded because of sustainability and the product is just so good and the brand keeps growing and reinventing while staying true to its core vision.  This is how classic fashion is started. Gemma found a few creative standouts that have a deeper meaning as well. Here are some summer crushes that will go into fall.

Asceno London

Gemma has been crushing hard on Asceno for awhile! Effortless, chic, and just so casual in an elegant way.  The company has grown and the merchandise has gotten even better.


ASCENO ( is a brand that embodies both a never-ending desire to travel the world and the absolute necessity to look effortlessly cool while doing so. Gemma has had their eye on ASCENO for quite awhile. The brand takes inspiration from the laid-back tomboy spirit of the early 90s in addition to perfect tailoring to make its pieces sophisticated and timeless. This sleek brand is best known for its bold stripes, vibrant prints, and unexpected use of color.  Fluid, sandwashed silk pajamas and premium swimwear are all perfectly proportioned for high-end globetrotting. ASCENO is known for their bold prints and stripes.


Founded in 2013, ASCENO was almost fated for partners and best friends Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Leask. They both share an entrepreneurial spirit, love of travel, and a distinctively relaxed style. Gemma has adored ASCENO from the beginning. They strove to create a brand that represents effortless chic style and has successfully achieved just that. ASCENO is now a top pick from fashion editors of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and In Style.

On the ASCENO site, they have the chicest “Journal Section” that recaps their recent travels and the inspiration derived from their specific destinations.

ASCENO is the epitome of timeless elegance with a casual and modern style. Most likely a fall season love too.





  • Sunny Vision: Velvet Eyewear

Giving Back Through Fashion: Cindy Hussey is the Founder and Creative Director of Velvet Eyewear ( She has created a fantastic brand and established a great niche. Velvet Eyewear is one of the loveliest and most unique brands on the market with a laser vision. There is the Velvet Trends Collection and the original Velvet Collection. The Velvet Trends is super affordable and customers can buy many and often. The Velvet Collection is classic, timeless, simplistic, and modern. Cindy is constantly inspired and her collection offers glasses for all face shapes and even has appropriate American icon names for them — Audrey, Janis, Marilyn, and Jackie. Also, Hussey is a big believer in Art Education and feels it should be available to children through our educational system, as it shapes and saves lives. (Could not Agree more)!  Velvet supports the arts through the Velvet Eyewear foundation by providing recycled materials and funds to various organizations that supply schools with necessary art supplies. Velvet also supports the Arts through creative contests, internships, summer camp programs, and educational grants offered to young adults that need artistic inspiration.





Frances Hendrie ( delivers a collection of minimal and simplistic organic T-shirts. It’s a wardrobe staple the brand loves and a concept the innovative company focuses upon. Their approach to life is Less is More with everything and with good basics, you’ll have endless options. Now Frances Hendrie has branched out to Athletic Wear. Even more options and style. The Australian based brand is simply fantastic with the hippest tee on the market. In all honesty, there is no comparison. The feel, the fabric, and the versatility.


Welcome to the World of Theory (! Designed for both men and women, this brand offers structured, classic and timeless pieces. Super comfortable and classy without being stuffy. Again, the feel is light with high-quality materials used.


Overall all four brands offer comfort, versatility, and style. Mostly, they are realistic. They might not fit into couture aesthetic, but you will make your own unique statement and will wear them on the daily. Fashion is beautiful but most make sense too.

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