The NOW PR Effect ~ Featuring Fashionista CEO Tash Greizen

NOW PR LA ( is a full-service boutique fashion agency specializing in Brand Development and Public Relations. The fashion PR agency moves efficiently and represents high fashion and emerging clients. NOW PR is the brainchild of smart, savvy, and highly talented jewelry designer Tash Greizen, who is responsible for creating the progressive fashion PR agency and putting it on the map.

NOW PR is recognized globally and within the states. The agency is located in Los Angeles, and the headquarters are in Las Vegas. NOW PR is looking to expand to New York, Europe, and Asia. The agency assists in fashion brands to tell their story, which is essential when it comes to marketing a brand. NOW PR stands out because they provide an effective means of setting trends as they integrate an alternative approach to public relations by combining fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, and global events. The agency has mastered the art of stimulating demand for their clients through different media channels. NOW PR has strong relationships with various media outlets that are critical elements to building brand awareness.


Their overall objective is to make brand notoriety, create momentum and mileage to accelerate revenue growth. The trendsetting agency specializes in Fashion/Lifestyle, Global Events, Entertainment/Media, and Digital PR. For many brands, gaining a consistant following and getting noticed does not always come easily. Tash and her team break it down systematically.

So, who is Tash Greizen? Tash has always had an interest in fashion from a young age, even though her family is in real estate. Her heart belonged to style; therefore she never let it go. After many conversations with Tash, I found her classy, patient, smart, and stunning. Tash has the most beautiful energy and takes her business seriously and in a structured manner but also has an excellent overall perspective.


Tash has been a jewelry designer for over a decade. She has had experience working with several PR agencies — some were good, and others were not so great. Regardless, she learned what she didn’t like. “I wasn’t getting the value I expected to be getting for my brand, so I decided to open my agency with my current partners,” Greizen said. She described her agency as focusing mostly on emerging brands globally and vowed to give these brands the traction and mileage they need to get to the next level.

Tash is profoundly grateful for her fantastic team. She describes her business style as very structured and pre-planned since NOW is a results-driven agency. Tash brings hard work, tenacity, and lots of positive energy to her agenda on a daily basis to run a successful PR agency. She has mastered the art of patience and seeing a project through completion. She and her team have a great eye and definitive vision of what the agency is looking for — still making room for various shades of gray. Additional, since Tash is a designer herself, this gives her an added advantage of seeing aesthetics from an alternative point of view.

IMG_4255Regarding fashion and style, depth and passion inspire Tash in terms of potential new clients. She considers LA a hub of fashionistas globally and in regards to her own personal style, Tash prefers simple, casual looks and a touch of class (A question I love to ask for business fashionistas). When considering a new client, NOW looks for vision and clear goals established by the brand. The specific brand also needs to fit the aesthetics of NOW PR. If you look at the NOW PR LA Instagram page, you will see the common thread and a seamless aesthetic by all designers that are featured. An eclectic edge as well, which adds mystery.

For the future, NOW PR is looking to expand globally. NOW is currently working on a series of campaigns and collaborations with big brands worldwide. Before you know it, the agency might be called NOW WORLD. I would not be surprised considering the passion and perseverance of Tash and her team combined with their innovative approach to public relations. “My goal is to create a progressive powerhouse and develop brands that are current and unrivaled,” said Greizen. She is doing just that and quite beautifully.

I would like to thank Tash Greizen for the interview with Gemma Magazine personally. To follow NOW PR on social media:


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