La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2018 ~ Is Fashion Dead or Not


Once again, the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival 2018 is prepping for its annual festivities. This event is the first international fashion film festival founded in North America. The dates this year are July 19-21st. Gemma Magazine will be attending and we are thrilled to participate. The #LJFFF is considered the Cannes of the fashion film world and the world’s largest gathering of fashion filmmakers. It’s basically creativity from all elements: fashion, film, filmmakers, actors, and beautiful cinematography with stories to tell.

Hundreds of fashion filmmakers from around the world will be in attendance as they are mesmerized by the top 1% of fashion films produced worldwide at the upcoming 9th year of LJFFF. The La Jolla community will gather together once again to network, make deals, attend seminars & panels, screen films, go to press receptions, participate in After Parties, and win awards.


The films that make it into the final program will represent some of the most brilliant and creative directors in filmmaking today. If you have happen to viewed various clips throughout the year, the talent is stellar. Curated from the fantastic and exploding world of fashion film, are a glimpse of what’s trending in the minds of the world’s top fashion houses, designers, and stylists interpreted through the lens of their filmmaking counterparts. Creativity and on trend styles that will forshadow what’s to come on a high fashion level.


Max Vogue is an integral aspect of the festival, and Gemma Magazine has had a crush for awhile now. Antonio Contreras Aviance created the concept, stories, and art. Antonio plays Max Vogue and so perfectly. Fred Sweet produces the series. Antonio is also a multiple international Fashion Film Award winner (5x). This year, the festival will pay homage to Gianni versace by featuring the Versace Collection in a wonderful episodic series and musical. also, for the 2018 Fashion Film Festival, Max Vogue The Musical highlights the question of whether fashion is dead or not!


Max Vogue, a time traveling, gender bending, angst filled Fashion Historian and Detective has come to the conclusion that fashion has stopped changing since the 90’s. Max only envisions revivals and “comebacks.”How is this possible?? During the chaotic madness of a Versace fashion show, Max takes a fatal fallandhis guardian angel, “La Catrina”takes Max to what seems to be the “Fashion Purgatory Salon” where he gets his chance to meet iconic personalities of Arts and Fashion. The costumes are pure fantasy and based off of history. Costume designer Zandra Rhodes created the gorgeous creation for the character of Diana Vreeland.

The musical is inspired by the 2012 Kurt Andersen article “You want a Devolution” in Vanity Fair, the 1944 play “Huis Clos” by Jean Paul Sartreand the 1992 film Twin Peaks by David Lynch.

Much more to come on this fabulous fashion festival, Max Vogue, and the winners.
In the meantime, you can follow Max Vogue and The La Jolla International Film Festival at the following platforms:
Antonio Contreas



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