The Queen of Curating: Carole Tanenbaum

To say that I was honored to interview Carole Tanenbaum and feature selected pieces from her vintage collection is an understatement. Within fashion, I admire couture, street style, vintage and to feature creations that are exciting, diverse and globally recognized. I also happen to highly enjoy reporting on top curators. Therefore this piece has special significance. You have probably seen many of Carole Tanenbaum’s unique and ornate pieces in fashion publications as well as various film or television productions without realizing the authentic aesthetic of curating. Welcome to the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection or also known as CTVC.

Cis Silver Mesh Necklace, 1970’s
Paula Cadematori – Fabulous short boot

( is one of North America’s premier collection of vintage costume jewelry. Carole Tanenbaum has been collecting costume jewelry for over twenty-five years that has produced an unmatched collection of over 30,000 pieces dating from the Victorian period to today’s collectibles. Every piece in the collection has been hand-selected with an artistic eye for design, creativity and exceptional craftsmanship. The collection incorporates vintage costume jewelry as wearable works of art into the fashion world.

Gustav Sherman Cuffs: Canadian Designer – 50’s era
Max Mara/2018 Dress of the Summer

Featuring only the highest quality and most unique treasures, the collection includes designers, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind pieces. Jewelry by Chanel, Schiaparelli, Hobe, and Miriam Haskell are some of her highlights.  In addition to vintage jewelry, the collection also includes compacts, purses, and other gorgeous collectibles. As a world-renowned collector, Carole has given a number of lectures on vintage costume jewelry at museums, universities, and social clubs.

I’m obsessed with her Instagram not just because of the eclectic creations, but she honors other cultures and ethnicities. Carole is able to see the pure beauty a natural setting.

Mother and Daughter: Powerful love


One Love! Universal as it should be

Selections from the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection are available at SEED INC. along with other retailers worldwide.Carole Tanenbaum is Canada based but I did get the opportunity to speak with her personally. She is just as inspiring as I imagined. Curating is an art in itself and I enjoyed learning about the process.

Schreiner Bouquet to welcome in Springtime: Vintage pins, Vintage Jewelry

How did you get into curating? Was it a hobby or an authentic love for finding that “perfect piece”?

“When I first discovered Vintage CJ back in the seventies, it was an instant love affair. I knew! I never loved gemstone jewelry but was wowed by the designs, color, and daring of vintage jewelry. Curating comes quite easily to me as my previous occupation was as a curator of art collections for corporations. Also, I come from a family of art collectors.”

You have an incredible eye. What can you tell me about your creative process when sourcing?

“I am very clear on my aesthetics so sourcing has never been a problem. “I know what I like and what we need in our expansive collection.” I also have wonderful dealers who “get” my eye and that makes my job much easier. Furthermore, since my business is collaborative with the fashion world, I constantly study trends on the runway – long necklaces, multiple bracelets, etc. and base my trunks on that.”

Jeremy Scott: Fun Fashion Editorial
DKNY: Vogue Runway

With the fashion industry being immensely saturated with commercial pieces, how do you not follow trends (while keeping in touch at the same time)? I am constantly inspired by your Instagram pictures.

“I spend two hours early each morning searching the internet for images that appeal to me. I love to do it as it keeps me in touch with the fashion world.”


The Eye – Street Art



What can we expect to see in the near future from the CTVC?

“I am in the process of having another book published which I am really hoping will be out next year. It is on the designer Henry Schreiner, who has always been a favorite of mine. We are hoping to connect the launch of several museums, as we have had collaborations with many museums in the past. Other than this, it is business as usual which consists of movies, tv, stylists and retail venues.”

Zuhair Murad Vintage: Check out the gloves
Alexandra Harper Millinery: Hot Splash Crash

Carol Tanenbaum is versatile and is open to so many looks. She broadens your fashion education. That is style. That is fashion.

To learn more, visit her IG at @caroltanbaum.

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