Street Style: Spring Fashion Essentials

What am I excited to see this spring for fashion? After sourcing, comparing styles and producing a palette of sorts, I came up with the following go-to-guide to stay fashionable in an urban and realistic way (as much as possible). Mostly, this spring in fashion seems looser, fun, and lighter. There is both strength and an aura of femininity with many styles this season, which makes it a bit eclectic when putting pieces together. Of course, overall, fashion always takes us on a path of fantasy and allows us to embrace a creative form of self-expression that is transformative through reinvention. However, lately, I’m noticing the fantasy and the composure coming together. It’s not such an “anything goes.” It’s effortless— but even the look of carefree can sometimes be curated quite well. So, here are my picks:

Vintage ScarvesTREND: Vintage Silk Scarves as hair accessories are very haute already. You can wear them as a head wrap or in a ponytail for an authentic and modern vibe with a touch of European flair. When you create a fringe effect on your hair (a touch messy), even better.




The single piece of clothing we saw the most of this season? A menswear-inspired blazer. It will head straight into spring as well but expect lighter colors and more crushed velvet for evening attire. Thrown on with jeans and this is a look that works for literally everyone. The gray plaid double-breasted blazer from Raf Simons’s first Calvin Klein collection was the month’s unequivocal standout piece, but we also saw lots of statement and simple black jackets. What makes this look so fun? Accessorizing with hair color and eclectic handbags. It adds a casual vibe to the look. This style is seamless with high waisted or skinny jeans.




Fashion jewelry buyers are gravitating to pieces that reflect a woman’s strength and power—looks like a sword, shield, dagger, and royal crest motifs. Could it also be Game of Thrones’ influence on fashion? Whatever it is I do love strong statement earrings and am love the look of the layered, goldcrest Talisman layers with a gorgeous combination of different stones. It’s a nice mixture of strength and romanticism.

Screen-Shot-2017-10-13-at-10.44.10-AM and

(Images, from left: Sansoeurs Jewellery earring, courtesy of Sansoeurs; a runway shot from Saint Laurent’s Spring 2018 show, courtesy of Saint Laurent; Pyrrha necklace, courtesy of Pyrrha(Top: Baroque Australian South Sea pearl strand with sapphire, garnet, and tourmaline by Margot McKinney, as featured on JCK’s September–October cover)

Frances Hendrie Tees – With all these gorgeous accessories, it’s essential to have the perfect white tee. Frances Hendrie is the quintessential luxury Tshirt brand. All their t-shirts are 100% organic fabrics. Their concept is “Less is always more.” These T-shirts contour the body perfectly. Therefore the fall of the shirt is so natural.

Frances Hendrie (


Frances Hendrie (



Velvet carries playful and quality eyewear and this spring/summer, you will the see the “cat-eye” in all shapes and forms as well as a plethora of colors to choose from. I find this shape feminine, edgy and pulled together.


Overall, for lovers of fashion and style, it lets us embrace fantasy, love, imagination, and self-expression. Let it empower the differences in all of us as women and men to make a difference, to unite and, to love.

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